How to Backup Your Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Data

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Thursday, February 26, 2009

backupsonyericssondataIt is always a good habit to take a backup of your important data. And when it comes to mobiles, they always have some important data stored in them. It may be the contact list or the appointment schedule or some other data. The data stored in mobile phones are more prone to damage by virus attacks or other reasons like drop offs etc. Backup up your valuable data in your computer and be tension free. How to Backup the data? Read on to know the steps.

The Steps

  • Download and install MyPhoneExplorer application.
  • You need to plug in the Bluetooth dongle and install the drivers. Then start the Bluetooth service on your phone and your computer. Using pass codes, add/pair them, it will show up in the window.
  • Then add the COM port for your mobile phone service with double click the Bluetooth icon at system tray and choose ‘COM Ports > Add > Outgoing connection’.
  • Next step you can begin to start MyPhoneExplorer. Just click File > Options and under ‘Connections’ choose ‘Search For Device’. Now, the mobile phone will be scanned and set. Click ‘OK’
  • Click ‘F1’ or ‘File > Connect’ after your phone is found, then specify a name for your phone’s pro?le after your phone is connected.
  • Once the phone is connected, MyPhoneExplorer will sync and download all data from your phone to the computer.
  • Start back up procedure of your phone contents to the computer by click on ‘Extras > Create backup’.
  • In the ‘Files’ option, you can choose the appropriate contents of your mobile phone for backup.
  • Finally, click on ‘Create Backup’, then you can get the backup file.
March 9, 2010: 9:32 am

I never remember to this. Everytime I get a new phone I always lose my data. At leas this makes it easy. Thanks for the tips hopefully I’ll do this when my contract ends in June.

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