HP TouchPad In Spotlight

By Arnab Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Thursday, February 10, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO (GaeaTimes.com)- HP the computer giant is joining the tablet bandwagon as is evident from its latest moves. The company which commands a large share of the global PC market recently unveiled TouchPad its contender in the fast growing tablet segment. The device is hogging attention now but the company has not said anything on the carrier or cost. However it has said that the WiFi only model will be launched first and a 3G version will be rolled out later. The tech industry experts are divided in their opinion whether it can beat the tremendously successful iPad. There is no doubt that the HP tablet features better hardware spec compared to iPad. However, iPad sells well even after facing the heat from newer contenders. It is still the top selling tablet.


The possibility of Apple launching the successor to the first iPad is getting stronger each day. Samsung is also reportedly bringing the second version of Galaxy Tab. If these two products are actually launched this year it is hard to say how far HP TouchPad will woo the buyers. The tablet market is abuzz with new products being introduced. Motorola Xoom first shown at the CES is also being taken as a strong contender. Rivals like Lenovo and Acer have also unveiled their candidates.

HP TouchPad runs on webOS made by Palm. It is a capable OS but it remains to be seen whether it stacks up well against Honeycomb of Google. The RIM PlayBook is also being readied for release which can make things tough for HP in the coming days.

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