i-Ball’s Cam that Can be Launched from a Grenade Launcher - The Ultimate Martyr!

By Soumya Sinha, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Have you ever heard of crazy gadgets? Well here is one. This military camera from i-Ball is a martyr unparalleled. It is willing to sacrifice its life err microchips for the country and can dutifully place itself inside a grenade launcher if ordered.

It can be thrown, rolled, or fired from a grenade launcher into enemy areas, at which point it will shoot video and transmit back to a base station (What the heck!), where a program wrangles the distortion to create a quasi-360-degree view of the area around the ball. Handy for scoping out enemy strongholds or suspicious buildings and cheaper than dropping a 5000-lb bomb on them.

This can have a wonderful utility for military. But we gadget lovers are too remorseful to see a young life sacrifised for a few copy o photos. Lol.

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