iPhone 3GS Vs Samsung Omnia i8910 HD Comparison

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, October 13, 2009

iphone-3gsiPhone has been a revolutionary product in the mobile phone arena since its introduction and after a few revisions of iPhone 3G and now iPhone 3GS, it is almost a flawless multimedia entertainment device and a corporate choice with its internet and email capabilities. The Samsung Omnia HD is, on the other hand, a great feature studded device with awesome display, camera and other features which can overshadow many other mobile phones including iPhone 3GS. If you are in two minds whether to go with Omnia HD or the iPhone 3GS, we have made a detailed comparative study of these phones to help you make your mind.

1. Design


iPhone 3GS : We all know how the iPhone design revolutionized the concept of mobile phone design by churning out a full touchscreen mobile phone. The size of 115.5 X 62.1 X 12.3 mm feels not too wide like the BlackBerry phones, nor too long or thick. The weight of 135g also feels just the right for the device - not a brick in the pocket nor a light feathery device with poor build quality. The glossy finish and overall design is what everyone would envy at.
Omnia HD : The design of the device is not anything revolutionary but we can’t complain for not being a revolutionary! Overall it is an attractive device with a bit narrower design than the iPhone measuring in at 123 X 59 X 12.9mm. The weight of 149g is also a bit on the higher side.
Conclusion : Though it is a highly a subjective matter to decide between the design of two devices and any one can have his own reason to fall in love with the phone of his choice but we think the design of the iPhone really scores over Omnia HD.

2. Touchscreen and Display

iPhone 3GS : It comes with a decent TFT capacitive touchscreen showing 16M colors. The 3.5 inch display can show a good number of pixels at 320 X 480 pixels. The capacitive touchscreen is very responsive and is one of the best in the mobile phone market.
Omnia HD : This device uses a AMOLED capacitive touchscreen showing full range 16M colors. The display is a lot more longer than the iPhone and measures a 3.7 inches and shows 360 X 640 pixels. There are other stuffs like Accelerometer sensor for auto rotate, proximity sensor for auto turn off, scratch resistant surface for the touchscreen like the iPhone.
Conclusion : Clearly AMOLED screen is a lot more brighter and way better than the TFT displays and there is also higher resolution and greater screen size in Omnia. The response of the touchscreen is no less responsive than iPhone and there are all other features in its display. Omnia HD is a clear winner here.

3. Interface

iPhone 3GS : The iPhone uses its own proprietary iPhone OS which may be a bit awkward to use at first but using your intuition will get the job done on this device. The usability of this device is one of the reasons why it is selling like hot cakes in the market. Also, getting the iPhone OS opens the door to thousands of the apps available in Apple’s App Store.
Omnia HD : The standard Symbian OS v9.4 Series 60 rel 5 is in operation here. It is more tweaked to finger sensitiveness and usability.
Conclusion : While there is still a market for the Symbian OS Lovers and iPhone is not a choice for them, still we think iPhone OS is a better system for its better overall usability and simplicity.

4. Camera

iPhone 3GS : It boasts a significant improve in its camera over its previous iPhone version which included a crappy 2MP camera. The 3.15 MP autofocus camera is really good and comes with features like TouchFocus and Geo-tagging. It can also shoot VGA Video at 30 fps.
Omnia HD : It packs in one of the best camera modules you can find in a mobile phone. The 8MP Camera has autofocus capabilities as well as LED Flash and some other features like geo-tagging, face, smile and blink detection. There are some advanced features like image stabilization, wide dynamic range with 1600 ISO rating which is only found in some good digital cameras. The video capability is also much higher than the iPhone. It can shoot DVD quality 720 p videos.
Conclusion : The Omnia is a clear winner in the Camera department.

5. Multimedia

iPhone 3GS : It is simply a superb device when it comes to multimedia capability. Listen to rich quality music through its 3.5 mm headset jack and be amazed.
Omnia HD : It also has a superb sound quality due to its DNSe Sound engine and Virtual 5.1 dolby surround sound. The video player also supports a numerous formats and is better than the iPhone 3GS. It supports AVI(DiVX/XviD)/WMV/RV/MP4/3GP video formats and they are really a watch in its high res display.
Conclusion : While the video player is obviously better than the iPhone 3GS, it is very hard to tell which one has better sound.

6. Connectivity

iPhone 3GS : It is a quad band GSM phone with tri band 3G HSDPA Connectivity supporting 7.2MBps speeds. There is also common WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth with A2DP for headset support only. There is no FM Radio.
Omnia HD : It is also a quad band GSM phone with tri band 3G HSDPA Connectivity supporting 7.2MBps speeds. There is common WiFi, GPS with A-GPS support. It also supports Bluetooth with A2DP for stereo Bluetooth headset and there is also an FM Radio to boot with.
Conclusion : Though iPhone 3GS is a really capable device when it comes to communication, but we think Omnia has a edge over it for its FM Radio and Stereo Bluetooth Support.

7. Internet Browsing

iPhone 3GS : It comes with a safari browser that is probably the best web browser for a mobile device. With the 3G connection, mobile browsing is a breeze on the device.
Omnia HD : The browser on the Omnia HD is no inferior. The Opera 9.5 Browser supports WAP 2.0, xHTML, HTML and RSS Readers.
Conclusion : Though Omnia HD has one of the best web browser, I will rate safari before it.

8. Graphics and speed

iPhone 3GS : It uses a ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz with PowerVR SGX graphics which makes it a breeze to perform any task on it. The applications open quickly enough before you get irritated and graphics works or page rendering in its browser is smooth enough.
Omnia HD : Interestingly its also uses the ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz, PowerVR SGX graphics options. But somehow its does not feel that much speedy like the iPhone but it can be called slow anyway.
Conclusion : The iPhone is one of the fastest mobile devices and the Omnia HD also closely follows it.

9. Memory

iPhone 3GS : The iPhone is available with 16GB or 32GB storage options and there is 256MB RAM to load the essential processes.
Omnia HD : The memory options are 8GB or 16 GB but that can be expanded by another 32GB by micro SD Card which can make it a device with more storage options. There is also a 256MB RAM to load the essential processes of a device.
Conclusion : While iPhone offers a better onboard memory but the maximum memory possible on Omnia HD is 16GB and 32GB which makes a total of 48GB which makes Omnia a winner in this department.

10. Overall

iPhone 3GS : It is a nice device with an excellent interface and better overall usability.
Omnia HD : This is a feature studded device that scores over iPhone in many respects like Camera, Display, Video and memory capability
Conclusion : At the end of the day both of the phones are great device and they have appeal to different consumer in their own way. If you want the access to the Apple App Store and want to use internet most of the time, there is no alternative to iPhone but if you want a better overall phone studded with features Omnia HD should be your choice.


November 16, 2009: 6:46 am

One of the disadvantages of iPhone OS is that you cannot run simultaneously two or more applications (like on Symbian OS). For example on iPhone you cannot run calculator then switch to calendar and leave calculator opened. Same with games, if you are playing a game and phone call or sms came, you got a query if answer and if you chose yes then your game will be closed.

Constable Odo
October 13, 2009: 12:53 pm

Seems like a fair article and hardware-wise the iPhone is no match for the Omnia HD. That being said, the iPhone will still come out ahead overall because it is an Apple product with Apple customer support behind it. The iPhone’s ecosystem is huge and that is the driving force behind every iPhone. Apple can always update the specs on the iPhone 3GS, but I doubt if it will ever give it more features than necessary. Apple will always try to balance the overall feature set and still make the product profitable for themselves. I doubt if any OLED display is in the works, nor an 8MP camera. The 3.2MP camera on the iPhone gets the most upload use of even dedicated cameras on Flickr. It’s just good enough. Without the iTunes ecosystem behind the iPhone it is a smartphone falling behind in hardware features. But with the ecosystem, hardware features that other smartphones have are not going to be enough to sway the masses away from the iPhone. The huge Apps library alone will stifle any competition to the iPhone. The Omnia HD doesn’t stand a chance of getting huge sales and it’s probably expensive to make and buy.

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