windowsphone7vsiphone2LAS VEGAS ( — Microsoft is all set to launch its new child Windows 7 phone into the mobile market. In the Mix10 trade show today Microsoft has revealed detailed of some features of the Operating System, user interface and application store of Windows Phone 7 Series. As expected, the Silverlight and XNA programming environments will play major roles for third-party software developers.

At the show, Microsoft showed a number of concept, prototype and early applications for Windows Phone. The OS blends together Xbox Live gaming, Zune multimedia, personal media (photos and videos), social media utilities, productivity tools and third-party apps, which are organized into categories called “Hubs.”

Windows Phone 7 Series was previously named Windows Mobile. People have started describing Windows 7 phone as “iPhone killer”. But does it really worth of calling so? Here are some top notch features of both smartphone members. Have a go and decides which one you would love to buy, based on their added features.


With 3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen and Multi-Touch display iPhone looks sturdy. It has 480X320 resolution display, which is Fingerprint-resistant and has oleophobic coating.

Windows 7 phone is expected to have large capacitive high resolution display. It would have an elegant looks over its predecessors. In the conference, Microsoft highlighted that Windows 7 phone has a panoramic interface. People flick the screen to move left or right, with design cues on screen to show there is more content to the right of the screen.

Operating System

Microsoft has just announced details regarding software development kit and user interface of Windows 7 phone. While Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android platform continued to see healthy growth, Microsoft had suffered a lot with its mobile OS. Now Microsoft has revamped every aspect of its software. For development, Windows Phone 7 Series will employ XNA, a set of programming tools that makes it easier for game designers to develop games for multiple Microsoft platforms, including Windows XP, Xbox 360, Windows Vista and Windows Phone OS 7.0.

iPhone OS was much talked about for not supporting multitasking. User has to close an application for running another. Now the new iPhone OS 4.0 would be an answer to those gestures. It would allow third party apps to run in the background. Besides that, iPhone OS 3.0 allows Copy & Paste of photos. It allows users to select multiple photos by tapping the action button, copy some of them, and paste them in an email and send them.


Multasking has been a big issue for iPhone for quite a long time. iPhone allows only iPod apps to run in the background and prevents third party apps from processing. Windows 7 series supports multitasking in almost similar fashion. Windows 7 phone is capable of processing Microsoft’s core integrated features such as playing music in the background while attending phone calls. But, here also, third party apps are prohibited from running in the background, just like iPhone.
Although iPhone and Windows 7 phone both are providing multitasking features partially, Apple has recently announced that it’ll bring full fledged multitasking feature for its iPhone. This will make a potential difference between iPhone and Windows 7 phone.


Apple has created the app revolution. Its iTunes app store is flooded with millions of apps. You can catch up any apps according to your choice. While Apple owns an enviable app store, Windows Phone 7 Series doesn’t lag behind. Microsoft emphasizes on ‘hubs’, a one stop shop for all features. You can get several apps for Windows Phone 7 in one place, rather than discreet apps. There are six hubs, namely, People, Pictures, Games, Music + Videos, Marketplace and Office. With these ‘hubs’ Microsoft is aiming at pushing more people towards Windows Phone 7.


Apple iPhone offers onscreen virtual keyboard. It accelerates user’s typing by suggesting words, spelling and proper punctuation. iPhone enlarges each letter you type to give a clear visual. A magnifying glass helps you while editing. For special characters, no need for complicated keystrokes, just type 123 and you’ll be switched to a numerical keyboard.

On the other hand, Windows 7 phone comes in both varieties — Onscreen virtual keyboard and Physical keyboard. Microsoft claims it to be “ergonomist-approved” keyboard, that supports natural wrist posture for typing. Windows 7 has a list of cool new shortcuts available here.


Rumor surrounding the Windows 7 phone camera is still going on. Although the photo of the device, revealed in the Microsoft’s Press website does not contain a camera, sources confirmed that Windows Phone 7 has a front-facing, camera-based gesture UI. It seems Microsoft will unfold other features during its official release.

While comparing with Windows 7 camera, iPhone camera definitely get better score from us. The 3- megapixel camera with built-in autofocus take great snaps. You will love to explore with handful of new features. You can select a photo to email it or send it via MMS or post it directly to MobileMe Gallery to let your friends download it.


Today mobile phone has vastly covered the gaming market. They are treated as one of the best devices for playing games. iPhone got immense success as a gaming device. Its app store contains high quality games in abundance.

Now, Microsoft has planned to give a tough competition to its rival. The introduction of Xbox Live will allow your phone to be tied to your Xbox Live account. With this new platform you can link up with your friends and multiplayer turn based games. Xbox Live will help you retaining your avatar.