Japanese Developer Tose Apologizes For Putting PS3 Ahead of Xbox360

By Shaon, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Moving on from News to prepostorous News Bloopers Japanese Developer Tose claimed that the PS3 was outselling the XBOX 360 world wide. The developer known for his nintendo games is now apologizing. Thats what we call an Epic Fail.


He claimed that the PS3 was outselling the XBOX 360 based on his own data. According to it the PS3 was outselling the 360 by 1 million. He claimed that the Xbox 360 has sold 41 million consoles worldwide, while the PS3 has sold 42 million. Tose had to say this about the entire fiasco

There was an error in one of the slides used in the presentation. Truly sorry for any trouble the mistake caused.

The company aims to be more careful with information it makes public. However all is not for the Sony Fanboy, the PS3 apparently has been closing in on the 360 ever since its initial struggle. According to actual data the XBOX 360 has moved 44.6 million in consoles and the PS3 has a little more over 41.6 million consoles shipped. One of our readers pointed out that in the process Nintendo has a huge competition at hands thanks to the supposed Microsoft-Sony (Oh the horror) alliance. All we got to say is bring it on. Also one thing is not clear from the data as to what percentage of the XBOX 360 sales have been made by the Same (Read Rroded) Person.

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