Kinect Can be Used as 3D Video Tool: Ahoy 3D Videographers!

By Soumitra Mondal, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kinect was on news last week for its official hacking and the use on other systems other than Xbox 360. The technology has proved its wider use as it has been hacked to capture 3D video. The project Natal seemed to be more than gaming from its start and here are the proofs.


Oliver Kreylos, the master mind behind this is a PhD student from University of California. Kreylos claims that he has written his own 3D reconstruction code from scratch in C++, using the Vrui VR 3D rendering toolkit. He also added that he used the open source Kinect linux driver developed by Hector Martin who won a reward of $3,000 in cash last week his achievement - developing the first open source Kinect driver. Martin’s “magic incantations” used by Kreylos allowed the Kinect to operate without the Xbox 360. Thus the success was achieved with a big bang.

The main object was not just to use the Kinect’s two cameras to capture the matter in three dimensions, but also to achieve and to re-create in a 3D environment their original course and size. Demonstrating this amazing research in Youtube, O Kreylos states that by the merge of the color and the depth image captured by the Kinect, we can project the color image reversing it into the space by creating a ‘holographic’ representation of the person or an object that was captured. This is not an end but the new beginning as the source code is already let out for other researchers to further investigate and study the technology.

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