Lenovo Tablet ThinkPad X200 Review

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Thursday, October 8, 2009

lenovo-thinkpad-x200-tablet-pcUnlike the netbook market or the home laptop market, the tablet PC market is yet to be saturated. There only a handful of tablet PCs that are worth a buy. We have mentioned the best tablet PCs in our article on Top 10 Tablet PCs and we got our hands on the Lenovo ThinkPad X200 which we had put in the third position in that list. We have given the business tablet a thorough look and and here is the review discussing our experience of using the tablet. Have a go.



The standard system comes with a Intel Core 2 Duo SL 9600 processor running at 2.13GHz with 1066MHz FSB and 6MB cache memory. There is 4GB DDR3 memory module provided by two modules of 2GB each. The system delivers top notch performance with this configuration and can challenge any top performing mainstream laptop. The X4500M integrated graphics combined with the processor easily played 1080p movies and was also able to play some older games with decent fps. The 160GB HDD is also fast at 7200 rpm and overall, the device performs like a champion.


The basic design, as it feels right out of the box, that the device is made keeping its pure utility in mind. Its all about business and nothing else. The color options are black and only black. The lid, the button, and every other thing is made of black plastic. Lenovo ThinkPad series, as has always been, gives emphasize on form over function. This clearly reflects in the build quality of the device. The chassis is made of strong magnesium alloy metal and the plastics that are used to build the panels are also of very high quality. The laptop body does not show any flex under pressure. The hinge is one of the most important things to look for in a convertible tablet and we also gave a look at it. The single pivot feels very strong and has 360 movement as you would expect. It has locking feel in every of the three positions you may put it into. Trying to tilt it forward or back feels as strong as a standard laptop.

Touchscreen Display

The device houses a 12 inch 1280 X 800 WXGA resolution touchscreen display panel which has multitouch and Wacom tablet capability. The LED backlit panel showed very good viewing angles and brightness though the touchscreen layer sucked some brightness out of it. The wacom support is always welcome on a tablet PC and after calibration it works very accurately. Like the Asus Eee PC T91, it also supports two finger multitouch was also very good and it didn’t need too much pressure to register the touches.

Keyboard and TouchPad

The keyboard feels good while typing and is most durable as we expect from ThinkPad lineup of keyboards. The full sized keyboard is springy and gives  good tactile feedback. As there was no space left for a decent sized touchpad, Lenovo has omitted it and decided to go with only a pointing stick. If you have never used pointing sticks, it will take time for you to adjust with the device. We found the pointing stick to be very sensitive and useful.


The less said about the speaker, the better it will be. The speakers are only good if you use it for some video conferencing or VOIP calls. Listening to some good quality music is not possible with it as it has a very tinny sound. A good pair of headphones are recommended for audiophiles as is always.


The port selection is very good and covers almost every necessary features. There are 3 USB Ports, a VGA Out, Ethernet, Headphone and microphone jacks. There is also an Express Card 54 Slot as well as a 5 in 1 SD Card Reader. The only things we miss are the FireWire and eSATA Ports but they aren’t absolute essentials and the usage of those ports can be managed by the USB Ports.

Battery Life

Battery Life is one of the most important factors when speaking about notebooks meant for business usage. The system comes with options for a four cell and eight cell battery option. The eight cell battery sticks out from the back and looks quite odd but you need it to fuel your system for longer time. It provided about six hours of runtime with low usage and screen brightness lowered and power saving mode on. With heavy usage expect the system to run at least 4 hours which is not bad at all for a touchscreen device.


  • Strong Build Quality
  • Nice bright display with decent viewing angle for a touchscreen
  • Excellent Performance
  • Nice comfy keyboard
  • Good Battery Life


  • No touchpad
  • Weak and tinny audio
  • Multitouch support restricted to only two finger actions



The ThinkPad X200 is a really capable device considering its good performance, nice display and battery life. If you are in the market in search of a good touchscreen tablet, you won’t find many like the X200. It doesn’t also have any serious cons that can be a deal breaker. If you can afford the price, it will surely be a possession that you can be proud of.


October 26, 2009: 7:10 am

LENOVO gr8 product …….

oreillette bluetooth
October 12, 2009: 1:15 am

I have wanted to buy a Laptop which should be compact and easy to use. I really like the design of Lenovo Tablet ThinkPad X200. It is pretty compact and portable. The 12-inch display offers TruBrite technology for optimal image clarity and a 1280 x 800 resolution for extra desktop working space and a widescreen aspect ratio for watching letterboxed movies.

October 10, 2009: 7:51 am

According to me The X200 is a solid tablet with the same signature ThinkPad design. If you don’t like the plain black design your out of luck. It has new features like the bi-directional hinge that used to only be available on Fujitsu tablets, improved battery life and better wireless radio.

October 10, 2009: 2:15 am

Hi…Your product is amazing. Hope it runs with success and helps people who are waiting for this type of product. Thanks for posting.

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