Level Up With Bleeding Edge Storage Solutions For Your Gear

By Avik, Gaea News Network
Friday, September 10, 2010


Come next month and you will be noticing LevelUpGear unleash what lies beyond your imagination.


A selection of vivid theme based collectibles where you can store all your gear with both your attitude and style restored. The present displayed themes are of Wii, X-BOX 360, PlayStation, Nintendo and RockBand.

The colors exposed up till now are those of metallic black and milky white.

The storage solution is sleek and trendy. Two model’s that were available to be viewed, were based on the model of a tower and the other was more of a classic box shaped trunk with added elegance.

A stack is provided in the tower model for you to cope up with disc storage. There is a side space also where your guitar can rest. Up above the tower there is ample space for the controllers to rest in peace. The Console is to be seated royally at the base as their is a case dedicated for it. This case varies with the company and here the role of the themes come into business.

The box shaped trunk is much of a simple and tough storage system without much of show-off. You can put all your stuff together safe and sound.

These cutting edge tools are sure to blaze the market with its release. LevelUpGear is planning to unleash its innovation this October and reportedly the range starts as low as $70. So, are you ready to take one of these sexy, sleek sizzling storage solutions home right away? Have a look at the photos to quench your thirst for now.



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