LG Arena KM900 Vs Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Comparison

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Saturday, October 10, 2009

arena-vs-5800Both LG Arena and Nokia 5800 Express Music are flagship devices from two major manufacturers in today’s mobile phone market. After the revolutionary iPhone set the mood for the full touchscreen devices, all other manufacturers are vying to get a share of the steeply rising touchscreen mobile phone market. Nokia’s try to get the share includes their Music oriented touchscreen device, 5800 Xpress Music which also has some of the advanced features like 3G, WiFi, good 3.15 MP autofocus with LED Flash and lots of other features. LG Arena, on the other hand, packs in every feature which you can imagine. Let’s compare these phones in detail and see which one wins this battle between this two excellent touchscreen mobile phones.

1. Design


LG Arena KM900 : The design of the phone very much resembles the iPhone and feels to be nothing new in design in the first look but at a close examination, it feels to be of class whether it is the brushed steel trim or the shiny tempered glass screen. The device is 55.3mm wide, 105.9mm in length and 12mm in thickness which feels just the right of the device. The weight of 105g is also on the lighter side for a capable device like this.
Nokia 5800 Xpress Music : It is also a nice looking touchscreen phone with all of its face occupied by the touchscreen. The design is clean with rounded corners and candy bar shape. The device measures 111 X 51.7 mm in the face which is a bit narrower and lengthier than the Arena but is much more thicker than Arena at 15.5mm. The weight is also greater than Arena at 109g.
Conclusion : Though choosing a design is more subjective thing and it is more of a personal preference which one you’d like. But if you ask me I would choose Arena for its classy look-n-feel and slimness over the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music.


2. Touchscreen Display

LG Arena KM900 : The device houses a 3.0 inch TFT display showing full range 16M colors but the pixel count of the display is simply awesome at 480 X 800 pixels which is currently the best resolution available in a mobile phone. The touchscreen employed is a capacitive one and has sensitivity like the iPhone.
Nokia 5800 Xpress Music : The 3.2 inch touchscreen has quite high resolution of 360 X 640 pixels, higher than many devices currently available in the market and it also shows full range 16M colors. The resistive touchscreen has good sensitivity but not like that of Arena’s capacitive touchscreen. But the resistive touchscreen offers the facility of handwriting as an input with its stylus which the arena cannot due to its technical limitation.
Conclusion : Though there is no stylus support for Arena, still we think the touchscreen of Arena is better than 5800 for its responsiveness. Also the display resolution is the best in the market which takes 5800’s display look blurrier when compared side by side.

3. Interface

LG Arena KM900 : It features a whole new S-Class user interface which has a homescreen that rotates onscreen like a virtual cube and contains the media, contact shortcuts and shortcuts to other programs. The overall color scheme is very much attractive and alive. The rotating menu proves its usefulness to quickly navigate to your saved images and videos.
Nokia 5800 Xpress Music : The tried and tested Symbian 60 OS is in operation here. It uses the fifth version of the OS which is tweaked for inputs from the touchscreen. The OS is very stable and if you are a Nokia user, you’ll feel right home with menu options and every other thing.
Conclusion : Both the OS are excellent and it is hard to decide between them. If you prefer a stable OS, go for Nokia 5800, if you prefer a ‘good looking’ OS go for Arena.


4. Music

LG Arena KM900 : The phone is a multimedia powerhouse. All the music oriented features like 3.5mm Stereo headphone jack, capability to play all common formats of music is available in it. There is also 8GB internal memory which is expandable with another 32 GB micro SD Card. The Dolby Mobile sound enhancement is simply awesome.
Nokia 5800 Xpress Music : As the name suggests, the phone is made for music playing. There is standard 3.5mm headphone jack, all common format music playing capability and support of 16GB microSd card makes it a good choice for the music lovers. The sound quality is also top notch.
Conclusion : Both the phones have excellent music playback capability but I think 5800 Xpress Music has a fine edge is music playback over Arena.

5. Camera

LG Arena KM900 : It has a 5MP autofocus camera with Schneider-Kreuznach Optics and LED Flash. Feature like image stabilization are only found in good digital cameras. The image quality is also superb. Moreover, it can shoot videos at DVD resolution of 720 X 480 pixels.
Nokia 5800 Xpress Music : It has a 3.15 MP Camera with autofocus and LED Flash. The Carl Zeiss Optics is there to ensure distortion free pictures. It can shoot videos at VGA resolution.
Conclusion : The Arena sure has a better camera than the 5800 Xpress Music.

6. Connectivity

LG Arena KM900 : It has quad band GSM Connectivity and it also has 3G HSDPA Connectivity. Other connectivity options include WiFi, GPS, FM transmitter, Bluetooth, GPRS and EDGE connectivity.
Nokia 5800 Xpress Music : It is also a quad band GSM phone with 3G Connectivity. There are all other connectivity options like WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, GPRS and EDGE Connectivity.
Conclusion : Both phones are quite capable devices when it comes with connectivity options and there is no clear winner here.


7.Internet Browsing

LG Arena KM900 : The browser is very basic and sometimes it feels that it is not tweaked for its high resolution screen.
Nokia 5800 Xpress Music : The phone comes with a good browser supporting CSS, Javascript, dHTML, SSL, cookies and cache management. There is also Flash Lite 3.0 support to enable you view the YouTube videos in the browser.
Conclusion : The Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Browser is better than Arena.

8. Battery

LG Arena KM900 : It has a Standard Li Ion Battery of 1000 mAh capacity. The rated standby time is 300h and talktime is up to 3h 50 min.
Nokia 5800 Xpress Music : It has a standard Li Ion battery of 1320mAh capacity. The rated standby time is 406 hours and talktime is upto 8h 45 min.
Conclusion : Clearly, the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music has a better battery than the LG Arena.

9. Price

LG Arena KM900 : It is priced around $400 for unlocked version.
Nokia 5800 Xpress Music : It is priced around $300 for unlocked version.
Conclusion : Clearly there is a price advantage for Nokia 5800 Xpress Music.


10. Overall

LG Arena KM900 : Overall it is a multimedia powerhouse to compete with any top of the range phone from any manufacturer.
Nokia 5800 Xpress Music : It is a music oriented phone and is best at it but also packs in other useful features to make it a top choice for any gadget geek.
Conclusion : At the end of the day, there is no clear winner in overall aspect. If you want a multimedia powerhouse with one of the best cameras available and the best display with awesome sound, LG Arena should be your choice. But if you want to save some $100 and still want a decent full touchscreen phone with several advanced features with one of the best music quality, Nokia 5800 is waiting for you.


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wow. looks and sounds promising. i’d like to take it for a spin!

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