LG Cookie KP 500 Vs Nokia 6700 Classic Comparison

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Thursday, October 22, 2009

cookie-vs-6700LG Cookie KP500 and Nokia 6700 Classic are two mobile phones from two major manufacturers which are attracting to the users for their simplicity and usefulness. They may look different but have similar feature set except that the Cookie is a full touchscreen phone and 6700 Classic has a higher resolution 5MP Camera. Let’s take a look at other differences between these two phones.

1. Design


LG Cookie KP500 : The design is very common full touchscreen mobile phone design with most of its face covered by the touchscreen. The size of the phone measuring at 106.5 X 55.4 X 11.9 mm feels just right in hand and the weight of 89 g is also very light.
Nokia 6700 Classic : This phone has a very common candybar style design yet, it looks very elegant with its subtle design essence. The stainless steel in the structure makes it look very durable and classy with its glossy finish which also makes it a bit heavier at 116.5g. The size is almost the same with Cookie but it is a bit narrower at 45mm and a bit lengthier at 109.8mm. The thickness of 6700 Classic is a bit less at just 11.2 mm.
Conclusion : Deciding between the designs of phones is a bit subjective matter and one may like the

2. Display

LG Cookie KP500 : It has a 3.0 inch resistive touchscreen display showing 256K colors in 240 X 400 pixels.
Nokia 6700 Classic : The display has better color of 16M but has lesser resolution of 240 X 320 pixels and lesser size of 2.2inches.
Conclusion : 6700 Classic has a better color display but its lesser size makes it a disadvantage for the multimedia lovers.

3. Interface

LG Cookie KP500 : It uses a new Flash UI which looks nice and is also easy to use though has some stability issues.
Nokia 6700 Classic : It uses the tried and tested Symbian Operating System and any Nokia user will feel home in its user interface.
Conclusion : If you want a stable and simple interface without compromising the features, Nokia 6700 Classic should be your choice and if you want to try out the new flashy interface, LG Cookie is there for you.

4. Camera

LG Cookie KP500 : It has a nice 3.15MP camera with autofocus capabilities.
Nokia 6700 Classic : Camera is one of the most important feature of this phone. The 5MP autofocus camera with LED Flash is one of the best of its class.
Conclusion : Nokia 6700 Classic definitely has the better camera between these two.

5. Battery Life

LG Cookie KP500 : The phone has standard Li Ion battery of 900mAh capacity that can deliver rated standby time of up to 350h and a rated talktime of up to 3 h 30 min.
Nokia 6700 Classic : It has a standard Li Ion battery of 960mAh capacity that can deliver 300h standby time and up to 5h talktime.
Conclusion : Nokia 6700 Classic has a better battery life than the Cookie.

6. Connectivity

LG Cookie KP500 : It has general connectivity options of quad band GSM, GPRS, EDGE and Bluetooth.
Nokia 6700 Classic : Other than general connectivity options like quad band GSM, GPRS, EDGE and Bluetooth, it has got the 3G Connectivity which makes web browsing on the device a nice treat.
Conclusion : The 3G Connectivity option makes the device stand ahead of Cookie.

7. Memory

LG Cookie KP500 : It has 40MB internal memory and is expandable with a 16GB Micro SD Card.
Nokia 6700 Classic : It has 170MB internal memory expandable up to 16GB with micro SD Card. A 1 GB Card is included in the box.
Conclusion : The greater internal memory and free 1GB Card makes it a better choice than Cookie.

8. Overall

LG Cookie KP500 : It is a cheap and affordable touchscreen phone with nice overall feature set.
Nokia 6700 Classic : This is a phone with good overall features and the 5MP Camera is a boon at this price range.
Conclusion : If you want a very good camera phone within your budget, Nokia 6700 Classic should be your choice but if you want to pocket a touchscreen device in your budget, you won’t find many other choice.

June 14, 2010: 12:45 pm

Ive got an Lg cookie and my mums got a Nokia 6700! Were arguing over which ones the best!
This websites not told me so could you reply to tell me which ones the best?

November 11, 2009: 1:15 am

i want mobile fr ur company

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October 23, 2009: 2:28 am

hi i bought this phone 3 day,s ago.the phone is really fantastic regarding the camera concercing but the thing that irritating me is it,s no secondary camera in it as relating to other phones of such costs.otherwise overall it is very good….

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