LG Cookie KP500 Review

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Thursday, September 24, 2009

lg-kp500-0The LG KP500 is nicknamed as LG Cookie and is targeted towards consumers who want an affordable touchscreen mobile phone with all other essential features of a good mobile phone. It has a 3.2MP camera, an FM Radio, a media player, bluetooth connectivity, memory card slot and every other thing that most people want but does it lack anything necessary that can be a deal breaker? We have made a review to find the answer. Have a go.

LG Cookie Design


Pioneered by the iPhone, every mobile phone manufacturer is running after the full touchscreen face look. Users also find it quite intuitive to control the device by pressing the virtual buttons and icons on the screens with your finger or stylus that’s supplied with the phone. It is basically a stylish touchscreen handset which is lightweight and slim in design. It measures at 11.9mm in thickness, 55.4mm in width and 106.5mm in length which is just about the same form factor of the other competing devices. It also weighs a minimal 89grams. The stunning looking phone is also available in six color options of Black, Vandyke brown, Anodizing silver, Elegant gold, Delicious white, Pink.

LG Cookie Touchscreen Display

The display is a 3 inch 262K Color Touchscreen showing 240 X 400 pixels. It also has a built in accelerometer which rotates the screen as you hold the screen horizontally or vertically. There is an included stylus to make screen selections more accurately and as you expect there is also a handwriting recognition system which utilizes the stylus to its full extent.

LG Cookie Multimedia

The built in music player can turn this device into an entertainment system. It can play WMA, MP3 and AAC music formats for audio and common 3GP and MP4 formats for video. You can store all your favorite music and videos in a 16 GB memory card and ask it to play the music and video the go. The built in radio allows the users to enjoy music even when there is no music stored in the memory card.

LG Cookie Camera

We have something to say about this camera. The camera can shoot 3.15MP Pictures and QVGA Video at 12fps but the pictures taken with the camera is perhaps the worst that I have seen from any 3.15MP Camera. Even my old Sony Ericsson K750i takes way better pictures at 2MP. Those who want a good camera in their mobile phone should surely take this model out of question.

LG Cookie Interface, Apps and Games

The interface developed by LG for this phone is very easy to use and has quite the same look and feel with their 8MP Camera Phone - The Renoir. The phone comes with a range of Office Document Viewers. You can open and read your Word, PDF and Excel files in this mobile. There are also nice set of games that makes use of the accelerometer sensor. You can control these games by shaking the phone or by tilting the phone in a certain direction.

LG Cookie Pros

  • Full Flat Touchscreen
  • Motion Sensor Works well
  • Music Player and Radio
  • Flash Interface
  • Hot Swappable Micro SD Card Support Upto 16GB

LG Cookie Cons

  • Bad Camera
  • No 3G
  • No WiFi
  • No GPS
  • No DivX or Xvid Support in the video player



If you are ion the market looking for a full touchscreen mobile handset, you’ll be hard pressed to find a model that has a lower price tag than this. There is only one model, the Samsung Tocco Lite which can give it a fight. Though it lacks some of the high end features like 3G, WiFi or GPS but the inclusion of those features would have hiked the price and I feel that it is better that this phone does not have these features. At the end of the day, LG Cookie is a nice phone that is hard to say no to.


November 26, 2010: 5:04 am

Fest Mobil LG
I am use for LG GX200
nest calakation LG COOKIE KP 500

October 1, 2010: 8:03 pm

I have LG Cookie

it has a good camera
better touch screen
bad sound quality
normal scrolling
easy to operate
nice look
best feature - Camera and file viewer

April 2, 2010: 11:53 am

i need a good stylish cell, with good msg capacity at or below rs.8000

Sumith v v
January 29, 2010: 6:46 am

i need one stylish phone

will not be displayed