Motorola Droid Review

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Friday, October 23, 2009

droidYou have perhaps already had a sneak peek at the full technical specification of the latest Android phone from Motorola. Google is also in the scenario, because they were behind all the necessary changes done on the device - after all, this is going to be their first Android 2.0 Eclairs Device! The co-operative attempt of Google and Motorola to capture the mobile phone market is destined to be a sensation and yes, Motorola Driod Android Mobile Handset is THE sensation even before its launch as its is said to pack in some extraordinary specs like the biggie 3.7 inch 480 X 854 pixels display (which is, by the way, the biggest display on a mobile handset we’ve seen), the lightening fast processing speed along with its on board 3G connectivity from Verizon Wireless and full touchscreen along with a full sized QWERTY keyboard. You want more? Then it has a 5MP camera with image stabilization, WiFi, GPS, 3.5mm headphone jack to connect your favorite headphones. Satisfied? Lets take a detailed look at these features of this iPhone Killer, or should I say BlackBerry Killer?



The phone packs in a huge touchscreen but still it has space for an actual hardware keyboard. What iDoesn’t .. the Droid does! It is just slightly thicker than the iPhone at 0.5 inches but still manages to pack a full QWERTY Keyboard which makes it the thinnest QWERTY keyboard mobile available in the market. The only comparison that can come in its way is the Nokia N97 but it too can’t match up with its huge screen and its interface offered by Google.

Operating System and Interface

No MOTOBLUR here as you would expect from the previous Android handsets like DEXT or CLIQ. But, as they say, Droid is targeted at users who are seeking to communicate and connect to their world living at a fast pace, taking risk and embracing change. It is made for those who are exited about the new technology producing new mobile handsets with latest range of mobile applications. It is expected to set new standards of smartphone with the Google Search genius going deep into the phone and all the application. Type or speak what you want to search and you’ll not only get the search results from the Web but also from within your phone and it’ll learn from what you search and will give more intelligent search results the next time you use it.

There are all of the Google’s service such as Maps, Search, Talk Voice, Contacts, Gmail, Calender as you’d expect from an Android Device.


Mobile internet browsing is the most interesting feature of this handset. The browser is top quality one supporting Flash and HTML 5. They have said that the it will support Flash 10 from 2010.


The display size is a whopping 3.7 inches showing 480 X 854 pixels in 16 : 9 aspect ratio. which makes it the biggest display of its class. The touchscreen is also capacitive unlike the less responsive resistive touchscreens which need some pressure to register the touches. There is a unique docking station which can turn this into a bedside clock or a movie player or just a digital picture frame whatever you like.


The camera has 5MP resolution and some advanced features like image stabilization along with Dual LED Flash and Autofocus. The DVD quality video capture capability at nice 720 X 480 pixels at 24 fps makes it an alrounder in the camera department.


The phone can support 32GB Micro SD Card to store all of your favorite music and videos and it comes with a 16GB so that you don’t have to rush to the shops to buy a memory card as soon as you buy the device.


It has EVDO rev A on board for super fast 3G Connectivity on Verizon Wireless. There are GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and a USB 2.0 port to connect it to whatever you can think of.

Battery Life

The system comes with a 1400 mAh battery which is not bad at all but we expect that it won’t deliver the rated 270 hours standby time or 6 h 25 min talktime, especially remembering the previous CLIQ.

It will be available to every people in North America from 12/1/2009 exclusively on Verizon Wireless. Hey Apple honchos, start scratching your head right now to device a new plan to take on Motorola Droid.

January 12, 2011: 10:54 am

my dear Motorola Delores please send the this mobile price in Indian market.thank you very much.

March 25, 2010: 7:43 am

I switched from one of the original iPhones (Not 3GS) on ATT to Verizon when the Droid came out. I must say, it is an amazing phone. I can certainly argue for the iPhone that it is must easier to use, and it moves faster from screen to screen when navigating around the phone’s menu. However, the Droid’s mutlitasking, 5MP camera, QWERTY keyboard (great for games!), larger screen, and removable SD card actually make it better. I’ve had the Droid for two months now and have not had a problem finding an app i needed on the Android market, so 10k apps or 100k apps doesn’t really matter for me. I did find using the iphone that honestly, the majority of apps on the iPhone app store really are junk or goofy gimicks

Andrew Zarian
November 7, 2009: 11:43 pm

I love my Droid. Im coming from a windows Mobile phone and wow what a big step .. I have seen many people say this phone sucks because it doesnt have multi touch but thats not true . the phone is fully capable of multi touch .. I made a video to show how you can do it and also save some battery life hope it helps out

November 7, 2009: 6:17 pm

is it just me, or is the droid design rather dull compared to other motorola phones. Remember the v3i?

November 7, 2009: 11:59 am

So its judgment day today for Droid, was it? According to Cnet it was a little bit slow nonetheless a good start of droid, other “critiques” says otherwise. But I say, “Hell yeah! droid conquered US for a couple of hours today”. We just hope that their ROI is profitable compare to the hunderds of thousand worth of ads they spend during the promotion period and err.. did I say, their impending “lawsuit” with AT&T too?

Collation of info about droid release today:

Hope Droid will serve as a hand of midas to Verizon Corp. Soweet

October 30, 2009: 10:14 am

I found a review w/ some unboxing pics here:

October 29, 2009: 12:55 am

I giggled when I read this review lol; “it seems to be the fastest Android Device” ummmm the OMAP processor on this phone is 600mhz under clocked to 550,

October 27, 2009: 10:32 am

Does it support apps?! If so, sign me up.

24mobile Handyshop mit Handyblog
October 25, 2009: 6:31 am

Looks like a very nice device. I hope it will come to Germany… the Dext won’t come. Motorola has some great new smartphones. I don’t know why they don’t publish all of the across (whole) Europe… .

October 24, 2009: 10:38 pm

Moto Android looks like another long piece of a generic brick slab (they all look alike) to be used for the decoration of a wall. Anyone with a little aesthetic sense would have a second thought to hold that hunka-piece-of-chunka to his/her ear. Can you please spare me a Pre ?

October 24, 2009: 1:26 pm

I’m on Verizon and always envied the iPhone owners–think I just found my Christmas present.

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