Motorola Milestone Price In India Unveiled

By Arnab, Gaea News Network
Thursday, April 1, 2010

NEW DELHI, INDIA ( The Milestone, an android OS based smartphone that gave loss making cell phone giant Motorola a chance to bounce back in the telecom sector, is now available in India. It was released as Droid in the USA a few months back as a CDMA phone as well. The Motorola fans who were craving after another uber stylish phone after the wildly successful MotoRazr series can now rejoice. The Milestone is a killer phone that can give the high end smart phones from the stables of LG, Samsung and Nokia a run for their money. It even gives stiff competition to the Apple IPhone in terms of feature and multitasking. The Price of the device has been kept close to INR 30,000 in India.


The Motorola Milestone’s price in India seems to be steep but it has to be admitted that the phone offers a bang for the buck. The amazing capacitive Touchscreen of the phone offers seamless navigation and when it comes to smooth multitasking it beats Apple iPhone hands down. The camera of the Milestone is not stellar but good when compared to the rival cell phone cameras. It excels at recording video. Motorola is clearly eyeing the nascent 3G market in India.

While the price of the Motorola Milestone is high enough in India it is way below that of iPhone. The phone has received great review from the critics abroad and it is likely to be a hit with high profile users who need their phone for multitasking and entertainment. The phone has every possibility of becoming a category killer in India.

October 28, 2010: 1:53 am

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