Motorola ZN300 Review

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Monday, November 2, 2009

motorola_zn300For most of us, the name Motorola brings back the image of the now-obsolete but then-stylish ultra-thin flip style handset that was Motorola RAZR but the new Motorola ZN300 is not a flip, nor a simple candy bar but a new design slider mobile phone from Motorola that packs in every common feature that a common man would like in his phone without making a hole in his pocket. But does this phone have any big hole in itself that can be regarded as a deal breaker? We have made a review to find the answer.



The phone is not an ultrathin phone as we are accustomed to see from Motorola. It is a bit thicker at 15mm and the face measures a common 95.6 X 46 mm form factor. The weight of 103 g is minimal for a device like this. The intelligent design of Moto ZN 300 starts with a shortcut key for the camera and another switch key on its side that invokes the camera mode from still to video to play reel. The sliding action reveals the smoothly laid number keys and there is also a zoom in and zoom out key just below the screen for easy access to its media features.


It comes with nice 240 X 320 pixels resolution display and shows 262 K colors which looks nice but a bit lesser in color than its competing devices like Nokia 6303 which shows full 16M Color range.


The camera resolution of 3.15 MP is cheap by no means. It is also accompanied with a flash light which can also be used for video lighting. The video resolutions are good and it can shoot them at 15-20 frames per second. But the camera can’t compete with the other common 3.15 MP cameras as it has no focusing capabilities. To put it in simple words, the fixed focus camera is only good for nothing. However, to soothe your pain, the camera comes with lots of other features like 8x zoom and special camera editing options like choosing photos and making a movie with them. You can write on a video and send them to your blog.



At first look the music player may look very basic but it has an interesting feature called Music ID. If you like a song that is playing anywhere near you can record the song and it will identify the name of the song for you. There is also a 3.5mm headphone port to which you can connect your favorite headphone. The phone supports all the way up to a 32GB memory card but it does only have a 8MB of inbuilt memory. In case, you don’t like to listen to music stored in the memory, there is Stereo FM Radio option to keep you entertained.

th_motorola-zn300OS and Applications

The system comes with a Linux / Java based MOTOMAGX Operating System which is a bold step forward in the mobile phone industry. The phone comes with standard applications such as calender, clock, organizer and alarm. It also comes preloaded with Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. We are also happy to see that Opera is in place here to take care of the browsing need with this phone. But don’t expect high speed internet like those on 3G. Sadly, it does not have the 3G connectivity option and try to be satisfied with the EDGE or GPRS connectivity options.

Battery Life

The system comes with a standard Li Ion battery with 940 mAh capacity. It is rated to deliver up to 400h standby time and up to 7 h 30 min talktime but in our tests it was found to be nearly half of the claimed battery life delivering about 200 h standby or four hours talktime which is not bad by any means.


Currently it is priced at around $160 in US and about EUR 120 in Europe and Rs. 7,999 in India. The pricing is very competitive and it seems to provide a good value for money device.


The mid range phone packs in lots of feature for the money. It addresses some of the key needs of this demography by adding the features like social networking and easy capability to upload photos and videos makes this phone a unique device but if you don’t need them, Nokia 6303 Classic may give it a run for its money.


subadri p.jathanna
November 17, 2010: 4:45 am

Dear Sir/Madam,

The Motorola ZN 300 phone has only 8 MB Memory.
Please advice. This is true ?



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