Keyboards and mice are the ones which come with more false promises than politicians before elections. Lol. But it is true. We have atleast seen 100 keyboards who claimed we-are-the-best and after using them I had one question to ask to them, where exactly? But this new Eclipse III from Saitek has some features that can eclipse the others.


  1. It has multicolor back-lighting which is a very useful feature .
  2. this USB plug and play beast boasts a two stage height adjustor system
  3. Keys which are laser-etched
  4. Headphone and microphone audio ports are there too!
  5. Time-saving Windows and internet shortcut keys are an added bonus.


It is over-sized and certainly will be over-priced I guess. But I don’t give a damn. If it works well, I am voting for it and quoting for it as well.