Nikon D-90 -First D-SLR with a Movie Mode

By Soumya Sinha, Gaea News Network
Monday, October 6, 2008

Nikon came out with one of its best products in recent times when they launched Nikon D-90, the first D-SLR with a movie mode that too in HD. The super sensitive sensor, continuous shooting performance, expansive Live View LCD, high ISO options and heralded image quality can turn many a heads to pose for this beauty.



The immediate highlights are,

  • A 12.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor
  • Continuous shooting at 4.5 frames/second
  • Live view on an ultra-sharp 3-inch LCD display
  • Active D-Lighting for improved dynamic range
  • Numerous in-camera photo retouching tools
  • HDMI output
  • Optional GPS for geotagging
  • This lens also features Vibration Reduction, which is Nikon-speak for image stabilization.

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D-90 has its mode dial, which is chock full of options like, Auto mode, Program mode, Full manual (M) mode and has dedicated features for video and audio playback and recording.


The D-90 battery has the best battery hands down. Its one of the most important features for a camera and Nikon has very carefully played a trump card here.


Nikon comes with a bunch of useful software to spare the shooters from irritation.

There is Nikon Transfer, which you’ll use to transfer photos from the camera to your lappy or PC.

There is Nikon ViewNX, which you can use for organizing and sharing photos.


Nikon has adapted a more conventional approach in making this. It has quite an O.K. feel to it with good gripping and good light weight.


Only the camera comes with a steep 1299$. But considering all these features we could have expected it.

Parting Snap…

There are plenty of reasons to go for D-90. I liked its excellent photo quality, super high resolution 3-inch LCD display, dedicated AF-assist lamp, high def movie mode, cool features like D-Lighting, redeye removal, RAW editing, image straightening etc, in camera help (that was really essential for me) and many more. If you are someone who thinks he is better behind the camera, then start shooting.


January 12, 2011: 5:37 am

can you send that nikon and ipay after my machine has reached me.tell me which bank can i use to send you that money because we have very many frauders on the globe

Tinah Liaw
February 11, 2009: 9:17 am

I’m in love with this camera…

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