Nokia 6700 Classic Review

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, October 6, 2009

6700-classicThe Nokia 6700 Classic is simple and no nonsense mobile phone from Nokia. It is a solid and beautiful mobile phone that covers all the bases of the mobile phone and features a brilliant 5MP Camera and high quality display which reminds us why Nokia has been the top seller in the mobile phone market. As with the other Classic lineup of phones, Nokia 6700 is like a trusted friend and it is no fancy-pants smartphone but packs every essential features you need in a mobile phone and that too in a affordable price. But does it have any glitch that can be a deal breaker? We have made a review to find the answer. Have a go.



The Nokia 6700 classic has a simple but decent stylish design essence and feels with good build quality with its metal body. There are models available with different colors like pitch black, gray black and brown black and a chrome model. It is 109.8mm long and 45mm wide and is thin at 11.2 mm. However it is no a featherweight phone and weighs at 116.5g. The metal body is the main source of that weight, we suppose, but anyway it feels very good and gives us a sturdy feeling about the device.


The display is a nice TFT Display measuring at 2.2 inches. After seeing some full touchscreen phones like Pixon, Renoir, Arena, iPhone 3GS or Nokia N97, the display of this device seems to be so small. However, the display has a nice resolution of 240 X 320 pixels which, crammed into a 2.2 inch screen, looks very very sharp. The display also supports full 16M color range which makes the pictures look stunning in this device. The display also has enough brightness for easy readability sunlight.


Camera is perhaps the most important feature of this phone. On paper, the camera has 5MP resolution sensor and cane take pictures at upto 2592 X 1944 pixels. It has Autofocus and LED Flash to help you take pictures in low light. It can shoot videos at VGA Resolution of 640 X 480 which is of enough resolution to upload them on YouTube though the frame rate suffers at only 15fps.
When we took pictures in real life the camera turned out to be a better shooter than we expected it to be. In outdoor shooting, the results were very good and perhaps the best we have seen from any 5MP mobile camera. In indoors with low light situations, the camera performance was average and the LED Flash was of no use in distance greater than a few feet. Also, the flash can’t be used as a video light or any other task which makes it more useless.

Keypad and Buttons

There are common numerical keypad buttons as well as the D-Pad for navigation and common call and end keys and two soft keys for multipurpose on screen functions. We had no problem using the D Pad or the soft keys but there was some problem regarding the numerical keypads that I should tell you. The keypad is flat and there is a little travel of the keys to make comfortable clicking feeling. The problem is more pronounced when we try to hit the buttons of the upper and lowermost rows. We often hit the edges when trying to press those keys. There are dedicated keys for shutter but the key is so small that fat fingered ones might have problems using the shutter key. Thanks to the user interface, you can also use the middle of the D-Pad keys to capture the photos. The volume rocker keys on the side is also hard to press for its low key travel.


The phone has a nice browser that is based on Webkit. If you don’t know what webkit is, it would be sufficient for you to know that some of the world’s best browsers like iPhone’s Safari, Google’ Chrome are also based on Webkit. The pages are rendered accurately and we have no complain with it. The only real problem with the browsing experience is its small 2.2 inch screen, and the accelerometer sensor does not rotate the screen as we would expect in other phones. There is also a Opera Mini Browser installed in the device to make the full use of internet browsing.


The phone has a standard Li-Ion Battery of 960mAh capacity. According to Nokia it can deliver a 5h talktime and upto 300h standby time and upto 20hours of continuous music play. In our tests, it managed to play music for 13 non stop hours and it comfortably ran for two days to drain the battery completely while we were heavily using the phone’s features like camera, GPS or 3G to test them. Expect the phone to run for three days with low to moderate usage.


  • Excellent Camera
  • Good Crisp Display
  • HSPA and GPS Connectivity
  • Simple Interface for easy usability


  • No Standard 3.5mm headphone socket
  • No WiFi Connectivity
  • Glossy Surface prone to catching fingerprints
  • Keypad Buttons a little uncomfortable at times



If you feel irritated at the touchscreen smartphones but would still like to pocket a decent phone studded with features which also does not create a hole in your pocket by their sky high price tags, there are not too many phones like Nokia 6700 Classic. Though it has some problems like the absence of 3.5mm standard headphone jack or WiFi, or the little uncomfortable keypad buttons, there are many things like its excellent 5MP Camera to make you fall in love with this phone.


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