Nokia 6700 Classic Vs Sony Ericsson W995 WalkMan Phone Comparison

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, November 3, 2009

6700-classicDespite today’s popular craze to move towards full touchscreen phones, there are always some people like me who find the input method of those touchscreen phone quite quirky and unresponsive at times. I always liked the Nokia phones especially the classic series that stores good features and performance within my budget. The Sony Ericsson W995 is, on the other hand, a feature studded blockbuster phone that excels both in music and camera department. Let’s compare these two phones and decide which one wins over the other with its capabilities.

1. Design


Nokia 6700 Classic : It has a simple candybar design measuring at 45mm X 109.8 X 11.2mm. Though there is nothing new in the design but its subtle design essence and decent styling will make anyone fall in love with its elegance. The phone is not featherweight at 116.5g but it does not feel like a brick in your pocket either. The metal body also gives us the impression of good build quality about the phone.
Sony Ericsson W995 : The phone has a simple slider design. It is 49mm wide, 97mm tall when closed and 125mm when opened. The phone might be considered a bit thick at 15mm but it does not make itself uncomfortable in your pocket. There are some side buttons for shortcut to the camera or music options but they seem to be very small and fat fingered ones will have problems using them which is also applicable for its tiny keys.
Conclusion : Though both phones look good and it is more of a personal preference which one you’d like, but for me Nokia 6700 Classic is a winner here with its better build quality and elegant styling elements.

2. Camera

Nokia 6700 Classic : This is one of the most important feature of this phone. The 5 MP resolution camera module is one of the best in class camera with very good image quality. The autofocus and LED Flash capabilities are there to assist you for better quality pictures. The VGA resolution videos also look very good.
Sony Ericsson W995 : Though Nokia 6700 has a very good camera module, the Sony Ericsson W995 has a better camera of 8MP resolution. With plenty of features like autofocus and LED flash together with face and smile detection, best pic, geo tagging etc makes it is a top notch camera. The macro mode is also there to take close up pictures with nice amount of details.
Conclusion : Clearly Sony Ericsson W995 is a better shooter than the Nokia 6700 Classic.

3. Display

Nokia 6700 Classic : It has a 2.2 inch display showing 240 X 320 pixels. The display has full 16M color reproduction range.
Sony Ericsson W995 : The display is a bit larger than the Nokia 6700 Classic at 2.6 inches but the resolution is same at 240 X 320 pixels. The color reproduction is also lesser at 256 K colors.
Conclusion : The Nokia 6700 Classic display looks crispier and also has better color than the W995.

4. Music

Nokia 6700 Classic : The phone is not built for avid music lovers but surely it has music playback capability. But the quality is not enough to please audiophiles.
Sony Ericsson W995 : The W series from Sony Ericsson is meant for the music lovers and everyone is sure to be pleased with its sheer sound quality.
Conclusion : Sony Ericsson has better sound quality than its competitor.

5. Connectivity

Nokia 6700 Classic : It is a quad band GSM phone with tri band 3G connectivity. There are other connectivity options such as GPRS, EDGE, HSCSD, GPS and Bluetooth. But there is no WiFi in it.
Sony Ericsson W995 : It is also a quad band GSM phone with dual band 3G Connectivity options. Other connectivity options include GPRS, EDGE, HSCSD, GPS and WiFi.
Conclusion : The WiFi option makes W995 better in connectivity options than 6700.

6. Battery Life

Nokia 6700 Classic : It comes with a standard Li Ion battery of 960 mAh capacity. It has a rated battery life of 300 h in standby mode, 5 h talktime in 2G mode and 4h talktime in 3G mode.
Sony Ericsson W995 : It has a Li Polymer battery of 930 mAh capacity. Though it has rated standby time of 370 h and 9 h talktime, in our tests it yielded far worse actual battery life than Nokia’s.
Conclusion : The battery title goes to Nokia as expected.

7. Memory

Nokia 6700 Classic : It comes with 170 MB internal Memory and it can be expanded up to 16 GB and a 1Gb card is included with it.
Sony Ericsson W995 : It has a 118MB internal memory and can be expanded up to 8GB with a memory stick micro. An 8GB card is included in the sales package.
Conclusion : The memory options in W995 is lesser than the 6700 but inclusion of an 8GB card makes us think twice before declaring 6700 as an winner.

8. Browser

Nokia 6700 Classic : This phone has a browser based on Webkit which is also used by Safari and Chrome. The page renderings are accurate and there is nothing to complain about it.
Sony Ericsson W995 : The browser is pretty basic and it is simply not up to the mark considering other features of the phone.
Conclusion : Nokia 6700 Classic wins this title with its better web browser.

9. Price

Nokia 6700 Classic : It is priced around $280 in US, around EUR 200 in Europe and around Rs. 13000 in India.
Sony Ericsson W995 : It is priced around $400 in US, around EUR 280 in Europe and around Rs. 22000 in India.
Conclusion : Nokia 6700 Classic is certainly at a price advantage than the W995 and we also consider that 6700 is a better value for money than W995.

10. Overall

Nokia 6700 Classic : It is a good overall phone with good build quality, 5MP Camera a good price to feature ratio.
Sony Ericsson W995 : It is a phone who look for every feature in his/her phone with its 8 MP camera, excellent music playback and compact sliding design.
Conclusion : If you are looking for a phone with optimum price to feature ratio Nokia 6700 Classic is an excellent choice if you don’t need the WiFi feature very often but if you want an absolutely stunning device with all features along with good music playback capabilities, Sony Ericsson W995 is the phone for you.


December 23, 2010: 2:20 pm

wew. i love the phone, just hate the vibration of that.!

November 25, 2010: 1:13 am

The stylish and slim handset has been launched in India which namely known as Nokia 6700 Classic. This beautiful mobile set have its display size of 2.2 inch and resolution of 240×320 pixels built in it. That gives us a very clear view.

November 16, 2009: 4:37 am

Great phone - really happy with it, but… the camera is a real let down, pictures often blurred and always with colour distortion.

Rachel Baybee
November 15, 2009: 2:00 pm

OMG ,, I Would Love A Pink One ,, I Saw One But I Dont No If Its Out AHH Horror Waiting To Happen lol ,,


Handys ohne Vertrag
November 8, 2009: 4:21 am

I love the phone the camera features are wayyyy better than my actual camera the sound quality even better than before. I love this phone more than an iphone that every other person in the world has. HAPPY that it came with the 8GB M2 card cause my previous Sony Ericsson I had to buy. This is just the greatest phone I have ever bought!!!

christmas gifts
November 6, 2009: 5:18 am

Great design, superb intuitive menu, awesome 8.1 mp camera… I just love it.

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