Nokia Latest Mobiles Create A Splash

By Arnab Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Sunday, May 9, 2010

NEW DELHI, INDIA ( Desperate to reclaim the status that it used to enjoy in the Indian sub continent even a few years back, Finnish mobile handset maker Nokia has resorted to aggressive price cut in the high end segment and it has also introduced number of new models in its lineup in recent times. The company still holds the number one position in the country among the mobile manufacturers, but with time the rivals are inching closer to it and it has lost significant market share to rivals like Apple, LG and Samsung. The regional brands like Simoco, Micromaxx and Lava are also giving it a run for its money. Therefore, Nokia has unveiled its latest Qwerty models aimed at the social networking addicted people and also the business users.

The latest Nokia models are priced lucratively to stave off the competition from the Korean rivals like LG and Samsung. The C3 is targeted at the first time buyers without a deep pocket who want a feature packed device. The C3 is priced below INR 5500 which makes it a lucrative proposition. The C6 offers a Touchscreen with full keyboard and price is higher at INR 13000. The E5 is aimed at both the business users and entertainment seekers and its price is INR 10600. These latest models are likely to help Nokia improve its market share.

Noted research firm IDC has reported that Nokia’s market share in India reduced from 56.2% to 54.1% in 2009. The company has also come up with the latest version of Nokia Messaging that also offers free push mail.

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September 23, 2010: 4:39 am

awsome mobile phones…

June 2, 2010: 11:07 pm

Today, social networking is very important to popularize the product. Even the non- technical person, get connected to thousands of other people through this networking. In such a situation, if Nokia has launched its latest Qwerty model, it will help to enhance their profits.

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