January 19, 2011: 10:51 pm
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December 14, 2010: 11:11 am
i m using nokia 5233.my phone memory is deacreasing day by day without using it.so, what should i do?next how can I flash my mobile phone?plz give me a answer quickly.plz plz plz plz

December 12, 2010: 9:36 am
My new nokia 6300 unlock by security code i forgot my code pls help me.

November 30, 2010: 7:47 am
can any buddy tel me about secreate code of nokia n95

November 29, 2010: 8:16 am
can you please help me unlock my Nokia 5130 expressMusic. i forgot my security code please.

November 29, 2010: 8:06 am
How do i unlock my Nokia 5130. i forgot my security code please help me please...

muhammad owais khan
November 27, 2010: 6:29 am
sir i forgot my mobile security code.plz help me


November 15, 2010: 1:29 am
i forgot my nokia x3 phone secuirty code sir now what i have to do and how to unlock it...i hope you can help me....:(

November 9, 2010: 2:27 am
hey....i reset my nokia n86 life timer 00000:00...now the problem is showing permanantly 00000:00 sec..wat i do? plz send solution to my e-mail : abin22101987@gadgetophilia.com

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anam khan
October 28, 2010: 11:28 pm
sir, i got nokia 5233 n i changed it security lock but i have frgotten the code i wan to reset my phone becoz many settings hav been distrbd plz help me out fr ths problem thanking u.....

October 28, 2010: 7:11 am
I forgetten da nokia 5233 phone lock code plz tell me hw to unlock the phone

October 26, 2010: 5:36 am
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October 14, 2010: 1:14 am
the defaut secuity code for my nokia 5130c.I did not change it.

October 13, 2010: 3:42 am
sir i have nobile nokia 5130 of which i had forgt the code andsome body is recording my phone so plz help me out sir please
October 2, 2010: 4:50 am
i want to hach nokia mobile. plz tel me da process sir

September 27, 2010: 12:17 pm
i forgot security code of N5130................... i have input my own code but now i don't remember so can you tell me that how i will open my security code or change my access code
September 7, 2010: 7:37 am
hi brother plz help me.i have nokia5233 full hake & certifecate my imei no is 358321034322758 plz lpz help me

September 7, 2010: 3:46 am
how do i get a phone number from an imei number no joy from nokia ,vodaphone ,or 02.
July 18, 2010: 6:27 am
nokia 5233 forgot security code how to unlock

July 18, 2010: 6:13 am
nokia 5233 forgot security code lock how can i unlock

July 7, 2010: 12:21 pm
Sir i forgot my nokia 2730 phone secuirty code sir now what i have to do

June 3, 2010: 12:29 am
I bought and lost my E75 within 48hrs. I have the imei number. Can I use this number to demobilise the phone even when the phone has been switched off? IF SO HOW?

May 28, 2010: 9:26 am
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nitin dewan
May 18, 2010: 4:01 am
kindly reset the life timer of 5233 nokia and tell me how u did asap.

nitin dewan
May 18, 2010: 4:00 am
hi i want to ask how to reset life timer of nokia 5233 as i have tried through nss but its not working. waiting for a quick feedback.
May 13, 2010: 1:04 am
i have lost my nokia e63 can i hack my phone to imei no.

May 6, 2010: 12:05 pm
i want to ask that i have nokia 5130 music express mobile and i want to ask that i can hack any blue tooth mobile.plz sir and how to do i can i want to that ..

john harmon
April 28, 2010: 8:59 am
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March 20, 2010: 11:32 am
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March 11, 2010: 10:09 pm
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January 14, 2010: 5:24 am
how to display the security code used...i did not remember my security code and i want to secure my phone through activating its security code but i really forgot.....my mobile unit is nokia 2600-c...i hope you can help me...thanks a lot.