Nokia N9 Awaits Official Release in 2011

By Avik, Gaea News Network
Thursday, October 28, 2010

Finally the Nokia N9 smart phone is all set to arrive in the UK by 2011. The official announcements have been made by Stephen Elop.


Nokia fans are all excited to get hold of the specs of this new gadget, and hopefully they will have to wait just another couple of months before they can actually touch and feel the phone. Nokia N9 is scheduled to release by the first quarter, next year.

Well one of the leading facts that leads to all the hype and excitement regarding this latest installment from N-series lies in the fact that the phone will be powered by a brand new operating system: the MeeGo mobile platform. Let me tell you, MeeGo OS is Nokia’s Maemo team and Intel’s Moblin developers’ joint venture. Both the companies have the eying on hitting the market with something new, so that the consumers get more choices.

This would pretty much pop up to be Nokia’s take on the already popular Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7 mobile operating systems. Now, this being the primary attraction that the company expects will lure lot more consumers there are the typical N-series form factors that will get bundled with the N9. The phone will flaunt the usual Nokia side flip-out QWERTY keyboard.

Nokia’s N8 seems to have already been welcomed by the crowds. This Symbian^3 phone is power-packed with some really good specs with its 12 mega pixel camera and HD features. However, like all its predecessors it ends up with limited processing power which certainly discourages the development of some resource heavy apps. This is where it tends to loose the game.

If things fall perfectly into track then the Nokia N9 will be unveiled in Dublin. So, let’s just wait untill it comes up.

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