Opera Mobile 10.1 Beta for Android now Available

By Soumitra Mondal, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Opera World’s widely used mobile internet browser has released its Mobile 10.1 beta for Android. The software can be downloaded from the Android Market for free and will be made available for download on Opera’s website. Also it promised to provide the millions of Android users’ better browser performance and an improved user experience. So far, Opera Mobile browser for Android has been focused only on the mobile phone manufacturers to pre-install a manufactured product. Now it works on Android version 1.6 or later, and is available in 18 different languages.


As the company claims, Opera Mobile offers a faster loading of web pages, flexible control over the preview page, smooth zoom and scrolling. The Speed Dial feature provides quick access to your Web resources at the touch, and Password Manager eliminates the need for everyone to type the secret code on the telephone keypad. The unique technology ‘Opera Turbo’, available in the browser Opera Mobile, to compress the web page data to 80% of its original and speed up loading of Web pages at work on “slow” data channels, such as GPRS. Tabs along with bookmarks, settings, history and the Speed Dial start page are all accessed via a menu bar at the bottom of the screen. At the top of the screen the browser has an address field and a search field placed next to each other. Opera Mobile 10.1 Beta for Android also features,

  • Convenient visual control tabs
  • Current browser-core Opera Presto, which is used in desktop browsers like Opera
  • Synchronizing bookmarks with Opera Link
  • Ability to install Opera Mobile as the default browser
  • Support for location technology
  • Support for scalable vector graphics

One thing Opera Mobile doesn’t offer right now is Flash support, which is reportedly coming in a future release. However, it seems that the browser battle on Android is starting to heat up.

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