Panasonic comes with five new high-end compact Cameras

By Jayita, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, January 25, 2011

panasonic-lumix-ts2Five new compact point and shoot lumix camera have been launched by Panasonic this morning. Among Lumix DMC-FH5/S1, Rugged DMC-FT3 (TS3 in North America), DMC-TZ20 (ZS10 in North America) and DMC-FX77 (FX78 in North America), rugged model is the one that draws much attention of the professional photographers. It has got something unique that’s hard to get in a point and shoot camera — a barometer.

1) Lumix DMC-FH5


The FH5 comes with a 16.1 Mpix Censor, a 4x optical Zoom and 28mm Wide angle lens, Mega O.I.S, an ISO Speed up to ISO 6400, Ai Photo mode and iA Zoom.  The new camera comes with 70Mb of internal memory, SDXC Support and a 720/24p video mode.

2 ) Lumix DMC-S1

It’s an entry level camera with a 12,1Mpix Censor, Mega O.I.S, a 4x optical Zoom, an ISO Speed up to ISO 6400, Ai Photo mode, comes with 20Mb of internal memory, SDXC Support and a 720/30p video mode

3) Lumix FT3 (TS3 in North America)

The Panasonic TS3 is an update to last year’s Editor’s Choice Panasonic TS2. The FT3 is a rugged compact camera that features a GPS and Full HD Video mode (1080/30p or 720/60p). This model comes with a 12.1Mpix censor with a 4.6x optical Zoom, a waterproof/Shocproof/Freezeprodd and Dusproof body, and unique 3D mode that will snap 20 shots at the same time and take the best of two in order to overlay them and produce 3D like picture for you.
It can operate in depths of 40 feet underwater, 14 degrees Fahrenheit and can survive drops up to 6.6 feet.

4) Lumix TZ20 (ZS10 in North America)

The Z20 also features the FT3 3D photo mode, but comes with a 14.1Mpix censor and 16x optical Zoom with a 24mm wide angle, a 10fps burst mode, a 3″ touchscreen and a 1080p Video mode.

5) Lumix FX77 (FX78 in North America)

Last but not the least,  FX77 comes with a 12.1Mpix censor, a 3.5″ touchscreen with Touch Zoom, AF Tracking and Shutter playback, the 3D Mode found on the FT3 and TZ20, MEGA O.I.S and a Full HD AVCHD Video mode.

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