Playing Nintendo Wii ‘can leave you injured’

Sunday, October 17, 2010

MELBOURNE - Playing Nintendo Wii? Well, you need to be careful, for at least 66 people attended New South Wales Emergency department last year while playing the home video game console.


Some of them had dislocated body parts, as NSW Health reported another 37 gamers had sought emergency help this year as a result of Wii mishaps.

Physiotherapists and general practitioners were likely to have seen even more Wii injuries.

The wireless remote of the console allows players to control the movement of an object on the screen, whether it is a tennis racquet, a steering wheel or a pair of boxing gloves.

Nintendo said its products came with safety warnings and players were reminded to take occasional breaks, but many users employ the same force that is required in real-life sports games, which can be a recipe for injury.

Dr Raymond Seidler said gaming injuries had previously been restricted to players’ hands but, since the introduction of interactive games, any region of the body was at risk.

“People should wear appropriate clothing and footwear and not play on slippery floors. They shouldn’t do it if intoxicated or stoned, or when they’re exhausted, as you’re far more likely to injure yourself in any of those states. They should warm up to flex their joints,” the Daily Telegraph quoted Seidler as saying.

Jenna Mazabow, 14, of North Bondi, suffered cuts to the mouth and facial bruising when her friend accidentally whacked her with the remote while playing Wii in February.

“It was an accident but I don’t think I’ll be playing Wii again any time soon,” said Jenna. (ANI)

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