Pocket Shark : The Pen with (Knife!) Teeth

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cold Steel, maker of death instruments is determined to push an instrument to your pocket - The Pocket Shark. It is a knife in disguise of a pen or you can say it is a pen with a knife in its belly. It is basically a rock Solid Marker Pen with its walls 4 times thicker than similar markers and made from glass reinforced plastic. It will not only last more than any of your pens but also you can raise a little fight with any potential attackers. I can hear you say that this is not a killer weapon. Then you are not a hollywood movie watcher! If you were Jet Li you could take this pen in an airplane completely unnoticed by vigilance and could hijack an whole airplane with this little snake in your pocket. Okay enough about him, how does it serve you?
Unlike the other marker pens It has screw top cap such that it cannot be blown off easily.

Weight: 1.9 oz.
Thick: 7/8″
Overall: 6 1/4″



$6.99 (Yes it will cut some money out of your pocket!) from Pocket Shark.


If you ask me, I haven’t found a better piece to ridicule for long time. A pen with 4 times the thickness of the normal? What the heck. The only good thing that comes into my mind is, they are trying to prove the old proverb, pen is mighter (or perhaps thicker?) than the sword.

Please stop paining us, will ya?

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