Review: Sharkoon X-tatic SX Headset

By Jayita, Gaea News Network
Friday, December 17, 2010

One think that peeps into gamers’ mind during a full volume gaming session is whether to set the speakers on or let the sound run through a descent headset. I think most of them prefer not to disturb other people with the loud sound of car accident or gruesome death after gunfire. So, headset will be their choice.


With loads of headsets scattering over the market, getting a good one is not difficult. But, choosing the best among them is a little harder job. But the options get reduced if you set your mind between two aspects. Either you go for best quality (without bothering price) or you remain budget-conscious. Sharkoon X-tatic SX falls into the second category.

Impressive Looks

The new X-tatic SX looks sleek with a white finish, gray cloth and silver/green accents. It appears somewhat smaller than its predecessor. Ear cups have a soft padding that rotate up to 90-degrees. You’ll find in-line volume controls for both the headphones and mic along with a master mute switch. A detachable microphone is included to the mic that makes the mic more flexible.

A standard headphone and microphone jack is there to get you connected. An attached USB cable provides power to the headset. Xbox 360 gamers can use a 3.5mm to RCA adapter to jack into the analog audio cables, while another adapter connects to the 360 controller for the mic.

How to Set Up

For setting up the headphones, you just need to simply plug in the two audio jacks and the USB cable for power. However, the 360 setup is a bit complicated. The two adapters, mentioned above need to be plugged into respective ports.

Audio Quality

A pair of 40mm speakers provides good sound, which is better than you expect from a low-budget headset. Even, the smallest of sounds that would go otherwise unheard with lesser headphones or TV speakers can be caught with this SX Headset.


One problem with this headset is short space between the two ear cups. You have to stretch them apart. In addition, the padding around the ears are not soft enough as they are expected to be.

Before wrapping up, I must say one think, that if you want your headset to provide good sound, without costing you much, try Sharkoon X-tatic SX.

Price: Sharkoon X-tatic SX priced around $60.

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