‘Sexy’ video game encouraging ‘flirty striptease’ awarded 12 + certificate

Saturday, February 26, 2011

London, Feb 26 (ANI): A ’sexy’ computer game, in which players are encouraged to act out a ‘flirty striptease’, has been awarded a 12+ certificate, to the anger of politicians and parents.


We Dare, which is advertised with images of handcuffs, spanking and partner-swapping, has been approved for young teenagers even though its makers say it is intended for an ‘adult audience’.

The decision has attracted particular controversy because the game is to be released on the Nintendo Wii, which is popular with families.

Senior politicians called for the game to be kept off shelves while its sexual content is investigated.

The challenges and “mini-games” within We Dare include a round in which players balance the controller between their foreheads, meaning their lips are just inches apart.

The body responsible for classifying computer games in Britain defended the 12+ certificate.

“The average 16-year-old would think everything in We Dare was beneath them - although the game contains innuendo and suggestion, if it showed anything sexual it would be have received a 16 rating,” the Telegraph quoted Laurie Hall, director general of the Video Standards Council, as saying.

Hall added that a part of the game, which included characters stripping, did not show anything more revealing than “cartoon characters in bras and pants” and said that it was in the context of a game about characters losing weight.

“There is no sexual activity,” he said.

“There is suggestion and innuendo if you’re that way inclined but you don’t actually see anything,” he added.

But Ubisoft, which makes the game, confirmed that it included the chance to “challenge your mates to a flirty striptease”.

Ubisoft, also said that “We Dare offers a large variety of entertaining, sexy mini games for adults in a group setting.”

Parents have described the 12+ certificate as “appalling” and “unbelievable”. (ANI)

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