Sony Ericsson follows Apple, opens platform-independent app store

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Thursday, June 4, 2009

picture-48At the annual JavaOne software developers’ conference in San Francisco Sony Ericsson announced that it will launch an online software application store on July 1. Users will now be able to personalize their Sony Ericsson phones with a range of downloadable programs such as utilities, tools and games. After the success of Apple’s iTune App Store for iPhone many have followed their way by opening app store like Nokia, BlackBerry maker RIM. But how do they want to be different and draw people to this concept when there is a million dollar market already existing in the name of Apple?

Sony Ericsson’s app store will support not only apps developed for its own software environment but also the apps that are developed for Symbian Operating Syatem, Windows Mobile OS, Android OS and mobile Java. Sony Ericsson is putting heavy emphasize on mobile Java which is an intermediary layer of Sun Microsystem that lets authors write a program once and run on many platforms.

Business Model


Starting on July 1, the app store will initially support programs written in Java or directly for Symbian. The other platforms will be supported this year. Developers can submit programs to them and if they get approved after testing, they’ll go live within a month. Developers will get 70% of the revenue from the sale of their apps. The services will be available in 13 countries where their high-end PlayNow online music and media store is already available. More shops will be set up in other countries this year.


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