Sony VAIO-Z Line Up Packs Full HD Display at 13.3 Inch

By Soumitra Mondal, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, September 29, 2010

San Francisco ( Sony refreshed their Z series of the VAIO lineup of small laptops (I do not dare to call them a netbook) and the 13.3 inchers have managed to pack an outstandingly large 1920X1080 pixels full HD Display, don’t ask me why.


Apart from that lavish screen resolution, you can select a processor like Core i5-460M 2.53 GHz, Core i5 580M 2.66 GHz or Core i7 640M 2.8 GHz with an Nvidia GeForce GT 330M graphics card with 1 GB of VRAM to deliver nothing short of an amazing experience. You can avail up to 8GB of DDR3 RAM and a 256 GB or a 512 GB SSD. Play Blu-Ray disks often? Why not. Get an optional Blu-Ray drive in your VAIO. Optional Carbon fiber colored casing and an SDXC Card reader is there, just waiting to be mentioned.

Getting high on the specs? The price tag is there to bog you down. The starting price is suggested just short of $2,250 which is reasonable if you consider it’s specs. If you don’t have the money to buy it, buy a netbook instead, which won’t cost you an arm or a leg like this one.

I called the Macbook Air a laptop only fools should buy, but it may seem to many that the new Sony VAIO Z series laptops are a better contender to that title. What do you think? Please share in the comments section.

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