‘Stupid’ burglar posts pic of self, taken with stolen laptop on owner’s Facebook page

Thursday, December 16, 2010

LONDON - A burglar in the US has been dubbed as the “most stupid criminal ever” after he took a picture of himself with a laptop he stole and then posted the snap on the owner’s Facebook page.


The theft had occurred at Washington Post reporter Marc Fisher’s home, and the burglar made away with a laptop, iPod and cash among other items.

And not satisfied with just stealing the items, he decided to take a picture of himself as well on the laptop belonging to Fisher’s 15-year-old son.

“He opened my son’s computer, took a photo of himself sneering as he pointed to the cash lifted from my son’s desk, and then went on my son’s Facebook account and posted the picture for 400 teenagers to see,” the Daily Mail quoted Fisher as writing.

“In the picture, the man is wearing my new winter coat, the one that was stolen right out of the Macy’s box it had just arrived in,” he described.

And although the photo showed the burglar wearing his newly acquired coat with the hood pulled up, the full frontal shot clearly showed his face.

“I’ve seen a lot, but this is the most stupid criminal I’ve ever seen,” one police officer attending the crime scene commented.

The police however have not been able to catch the thief, despite the seemingly watertight nature of the case.

“Two officers confided that they and their colleagues rarely press hard on burglary cases because the courts almost always let thieves go with nothing more than probation,” Fisher explained.

“Maybe that’s why four days after we handed over the photo, we were still waiting to hear from the detective assigned to the case,” he added. (ANI)

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