Apple iPad

Ipad 2 Rumors: What, When and Where?
As the holidays are just by the side, people are stretching out their hands in search of new gadgets and tools that can entertain them through the vacations.
Top 10 Gadgets for Black Friday 2010
On this year's Black Friday people will be extensively buying gadgets and gizmos.
Will 100$ Marvell Tablet (1080p full-HD capability, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS connectivity and FM radio) Kill Apple iPad?
NEW YORK CITY ( -- Marvell, the leading manufacturer in integrated silicon solutions is all set to launch a high performance mobile tablet.
Apple iPad: Is there a twin iPad in the making?
You all must be knowing that the iPad -- brain child of Steve Jobs is about to hit the coast of gadget industry very soon.
Apple iPad Is Not Legal, Cannot be Pre-Ordered
It might be a news of disappointment for the people going crazy over iPad, claimed to be a revolutionary creation of Apple.
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