10 Best Television for Christmas 2009

Christmas is not very far away and the shopping season has really got a good start from this Black Friday. Among many consumer electronics that you can buy this Christmas, a TV is a must buy if you are still using an old school CRT or a outdated LCD or Plasma TV. But choosing from a plethora of Televisions can be a daunting task especially because of their utmost confusing model number which seems to be written in some code that only Sherlock Holmes can break. But don’t worry too much, we have done the research and here we are happy to present you with the best televisions available in the market. The list includes all HDTVs, Plasma TVs, LCD TVs and latest LED TVs.

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Top 10 Plasma TVs for You

panasonic-unveils-first-plasma-tv-that-is-wii-proofPlasma TV is a better option than LCD TVs if you want the big picture. They are able to handle all of your video needs like HDTV, DVD, standard TV and many more. The prices are also getting more affordable tags. Here is a list of top 10 plasma TVs available in the market which you must take a look at before buying one. Full article (533 words) »

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