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In my experience as a tech journalist Linux and gaming has rarely been used in the same sentence.

LOS ANGELES - Peter Molyneux is upgrading the star power of his next "Fable." The creative director of Microsoft Game Studios Europe has tapped Simon Pegg, Michael Fassbender, John Cleese and other actors to lend their accents to "Fable III," the third chapter of Lionhead Studios' role-playing saga set in the fictional realm of Albion.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Curt Schilling's video game development company has selected a location in downtown Providence, R.I., as it prepares to move from Massachusetts.

"Movie-based games seem like they're destined to fail," says Jason Katz, story supervisor for Pixar's latest animated film, "Toy Story 3." ''It's like putting a giraffe in human clothes." But Pixar's collaboration with Avalanche Software on the "Toy Story 3" video game, released this week by Disney Interactive, demonstrates a fresh approach to the typically dreadful movie tie-in.
Summary Box: Microsoft's seeks new gaming audience
KINECT FORE: Microsoft used the E3 video game expo to detail Kinect, a controller for the Xbox 360 game console that dispenses with a remote.
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