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LG Octane: Dual Display Phone Features and Specs
LG Octane is the new phone from LG with two displays, one on the front has 176220 pixels resolution and the other one has 240320 pixels resolution.
HTC Desire Z Now for Rs 17000 In India
While most of the places will quote you a price of Rs.
5 Best Green Cell Phones and Mobile Phones Available Today
As we are getting more and more dependent on the gadgets, it is not worth a mention that leaving the technical advancements behind to restore the greeneries of our mother earth will be a very daunting task.
Nokia E63 Review, Price
Nokia E63 is a mobile phone built for those people who need to keep in touch with their business with full keyboard e-mail messaging capability but also do not want to end up spending a large sum of money for the device.
HP iPAQ Glisten Review
HP iPAQ Glisten is the latest offering from AT&T which comes with a QWERTY keyboard for business users but doesn't miss out on the multimedia department either.
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