Motorola droid

Droid Update : Android 2.0.1 Update Available
Motorola Droid Updates were seeming to be very much essential to remove some of its glitches like camera autofocus difficulty and below average voice clarity.
Motorola Droid Nears 1 Million Device Target this Christmas
According to our poll conducted on Motorola Droid, most of you think that Droid is the mobile phone that can really take on iPhone with its sheer features and usability as a smartphone.
Nokia N900 Vs Motorola Droid : Detailed Comparison
Recently, Motorola Droid aka Motorola Milestone in Europe is perhaps the most hyped mobile phone to be released in the Market.
Verizon Google Droid Phone Update
The latest wave of competition in the smartphone market comes in the form of Google Inc.'s Android software platform, which gets a boost today from the launch of Motorola Inc.'s Droid handset by Verizon Wireless, the No.
Droid vs iPhone Comparison
Motorola Droid is out and as we said earlier in our review, this phone really looks to be an iPhone killer, if there are any at this moment.
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