Nexus One

Is Samsung involved in Nexus Two Project with Google?
NEW YORK ( -- Rumors are flying high that Google is all set to introduce Nexus Two, the successor of the famous Nexus One.
Nexus One Update: Nexus One Enables Multitouch
Google has recently announced a significant update to Nexus One with the addition of multi-touch and other features, in its continuous bid to outshine rival Apple's iPhone 3G.
How to get Google Nexus One Phone in India
Kolkata, India ( - Google's Nexus One is creating stirs in the whole gadget world and India is no exception.
Google Nexus One: Biggest Complaints With Google Nexus One
LOS ANGELES ( -- Google customer service is flooded with plenty of complaints of spotty 3G coverage of its new born baby Nexus One smartphone.

LOS ANGELES ( Just when the Gadget freaks and geeks started drooling over the leaked images and video footages of Google Nexus One phone a new problem appeared on the way of its release.
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