Gamers can go for holidays. Not you, its your video card that wreaked the havoc. Often I come across terrible stuffs. Take for that a somebody got a 512 MB video card cheap. To my utter shock and awe its was like dropping a 110-horsepower engine into the body of a muscle car. The figures may be impressive but the underpowered card yields to pressure. Stop falling prey to cheap offers, committing the same blunders. Check things before you buy.

Before I begin let me tell you that a video card GPU (Graphics processing unit) works like a CPU in a system. This are upgraded year after year and you need to keep a track of the latest GPU announcements and performance reports. Still it’s not easy to choose from an array of video cards. Moreover, the retailer would always press you for a obsolete one that’s dirt cheap. So which is the best suited graphics card for you? If you are clueless then here is an extensive article just to keep you on the right track.

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