Top 5 Latest Smart Phones Surfacing In 2011
With the next year awaiting outside the door, lets take a short trip and take a look around at the smart phones that are scheduled to be launched in 2011.
Western Digital’s Live Hub TV soon in markets at Rs. 9,999
Western Digital has announced the arrival of its next series of digital media player models in India and Middle East.
Sony Dash Gets New Feature
SAN FRANCISCO ( Sony has added the support for Hulu Plus in its much touted Internet viewer Dash in recent times and with this the company expects a rise in the sales.
Google Nexus S Price Revealed
The much anticipated Google Nexus S from the house of Samsung is soon to hit the stores on 16th December in US.
Acer Unveils Android and Windows 7 Tablets shipping 1Q next year
Acer unveiled a series of tablets at the Acer Global Press conference just before the holiday season.
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