The Reason Behind Nokia’s Gradual Decline As The King Of Cell Phones

By Shaon, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Are you shocked by the phone featured here? Don’t be. Surf any gadget site and you are sure to come across a bevy of lists with all the latest smartphones and the features they carry. The fact remains that only a minuscule percentage of world population are not exactly using one. In a surprising revelation the best selling phone on the one is one with no Internet, touchscreen, Camera, heck it did not even have QWERTY. So are you thinking who would ever actually buy such a phone? Reports suggests that roughly 250,000,000 people are using it out of a total market of about 5 Billion.


To asses the success of this wonderful device in the face may look to be simple enough considering its low price point but on a little introspection one is sure to note that the fact that the phone had an inexplicable capacity to withstand abuse and battering. Every one does have a 1100 miracle story. Your humble article writer once had his falling out of a bus and it still worked like a charm. Or the fact that its battery lasted ridiculously long one full charge and the phone was good for almost a week or so. The simplicity that went to its design was commendable.

Nokia has been steadily loosing its market share even in third world countries that once accepted it with open arms. The reason why Nokia the once dominant Cell Phone Giant is watching its market shares being eaten up by other manufacturers seems to be the fact that it has somewhat lingered away from its goal to make a phone which would be usable by even an illiterate man, without meaning any offense. The world never got in terms with using its glorious smartphones with its incredible complexity. Nokia has been trying to make amends of late by announcing that its ditching the Symbian platform for good and it maybe a bit late in the day but hey now we know that Nokia is trying to fight back. The announce ment that came in the wake of the launch of their new Nseries Symbian entry the N8 just reaffirms the fact how dead serious they really are.

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October 26, 2010: 2:36 am

I absolutely agree to the fact that simple, user friendly handsets are the 1st preference for people who use their cell phones only to make calls and receive calls and are ignorant about the utilities of blackberry services.
I think Nokia should bring back thier focus on manufacturing simple and sturdy handsets which appeal to the mass
The se days calling cards have also entered the market in a big way where ordianary people can afford cheap direct connect services and they have no compulsion to stick to a particular service provider

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