Top 10 Future Gadgets We will Love to See in Real

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Friday, April 17, 2009

emotiveHuman imagination dose not have any limit. And the best part is that we can turn them into reality. The concepts of yesterday are in our hands with the likes of mobile phones, Macbooks etc. Our dream gadget of today may be a pretty average one of tomorrow. What are the gadgets that we dream now? We have tried to look into the eyes of future and made a list of 10 gadgets that are non-existent today but will possibly woo your closets in the days to come. Take a look at them and tell us about your wishlist.

Emotive Mind Control Headset


This mind controlled headset called the EPOC is an human computer interface. Using this device you can instruct your computer to perform tasks as you think of it. At first, you have to train the software for the device by thinking of different commands or kinds of action and movements you might want to carry out in a video game.


This will map your brain activity using medical technology. You can then play your game by just thinking - in a handsfree way.

Solar Powered Boat Concept


Pedal Boats are fun and very common these days but you have to work really hard to have the pleasure of riding. Why don’t let the sun drive the boat while you with your 3 friends just chill in the middle of the lake.

Timeflex Stick-On Watch


This might be the perfect watch for the sportsperson or those who are style conscious. The outlines of the device are meant to be fluorescent, with the interior sporting a transparent surface so you can show off your fashion-forward sensibility.

Foldable DVD player


It uses a fully flexible display technology that can be twisted and folded to fit neatly back into the case when not in use. Portable like your clothing. What do you think.

B-Membrain Computer


This model, winner of the Intel Korea’s PC design, does not have a monitor but it can project the display image to any surface wit its built in projector. The keyboard is fully touchscreen based. Really looks like a sci-fi PC.

Transparent Toaster


This gadget use a pair of special heating glass to warm a single slice of bread. You can see the bread while it is being toasted so that it is not over or under toasted.

Citizen’s Memory LCD


This display has a new LCD technology called the memory liquid crystal. The main advantage is that it can retain its display without needing power. It needs power only to change the display. Basically, its inorganic membrane and angled orientation keep the crystals frozen without needing power. It display will not be good for TV but it can show off static information in various places without needing power. I need it now!

Dattoos : Interactive tattoos


This futuristic gadget would feature DNA-reader and identification technology, nanosensors and interactive “touch reading,” full voice interaction, bionic nano chips and various cybernetic components. They will be the coolest tattoos.

Solar powered TV


This 26 inch prototype TV shown off by Sharp is so energy efficient that it can be powered by a single solar cell. It would do a great job in showing off videos in the local parks without caring about electricity.

Speech to Speech translator


This instrument learns to translate much as a person would - by studying conversations. The software searches for statistical connections between a series of Arabic statements and English translations. The software can learn grammar too. Still it is not fully accurate or can not take free-flowing languages. But we expect that the difficulties will be overcome soon.


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