Top 10 Gadgets to Gift to Your Boss

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Saturday, May 9, 2009

j0422478-main_fullIt is true that when you have a good & understanding boss, you can perform your duties well with comfort & ease. Thus, it can be a motivating factor in an organization. As you get to learn so much from them, so it is a must to thank your boss for all the support and help, which made your office life so easy. There are many occasions when you can gift them something. It may be on boss’s day on 16th October, company anniversary, birthday, engagement, etc. When you are choosing a gift you don’t want to be too personal or exorbitant. You know the person and something about his personal taste and interests but you don’t know what he already has or would like to have from an employee. So, there is always a risk of gifting a dozen of golf balls which will join another hundred in his garage. Here is a list of 10 gadgets of my choices ideal for gifting to your boss. All you have to do is just choose one according to your boss’s personality.



If your boss is well addicted towards reading books and you have the budget to purchase a KIndle, there can be no better gift for him.

Beautiful Wallclock for your boss’s cabin

A good wall clock for your boss’s cabin or a tableclock for his desktop will remind your boss about you when he/she sees it to know the time.

Decision Maker


Make decision making of your boss easier than ever by gifting this one to your boss. He will get answers such as “Sleep on it”, “Go for it” etc by swinging the pendulum.

Virtual Yes Man Software


If your boss has a great sense of humor, he will love this ultimate gag gift. The software features a virtual yes man whose name is A1 Morale and he will make your boss feel like royalty. It has 150 lines of funny flattery, hilarious praise and comic kudos. He will agree with everything your boss says and even laugh at your boss’s jokes!

Gold Star Paperweight


Celebrate the moment with a gold plated star. Your boss can use it as a  paperweight, or keep it as a reminder of your affection and appreciation. Be sure to engrave it with a special sentiment!

Animated Desktop Pen Holders

This is a gift to admire the heroic strength of your boss. Atlas sits beautifully on the desk holding the pen ready for writing.

Music CD/DVD

IF your boss like to spend time listening to music, you can gift him CD/DVDs of his favorite songs or movies.

Desktop Perpetual Calendars


This calender is designed to be used year after year. It marks the date and month by simply moving two magnetic balls. It can be mounted on the wall of your boss’s cabin or can be placed on the desktop.

Stress Buster Gadget

You know that your boss is always at stress with his works. These gadgets to reduce stress will be surely helpful for him.


Flash Drive

Flash Drives are always handy and useful. Copying, Saving, transporting files cannot be easier than using flash drives. Choose on from our list of top 10 flash drives to gift to your boss.

Personalized Business Card Cases


Good business people like your boss will always appreciate this gift. This stainless steel and black mate card case is perfect for people with discriminating taste and stylish attitude.


Livescribe Pulse Smartpen

This device records audio and links to what you write. In other words, it captures everything as you write and draw. You can later transfer the data into computer. It can prove to be very useful to your boss.

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