Top 10 Geeky Keyboard

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, May 5, 2009

wkeyb12There is nothing called enough in this world full of geeks. If you have read our article on top 10 weird and funny gadgets, you already know what can be done with the gadgets in the name of innovation. Even Mouse or keyboards didn’t find an escapade from these crazy people. I have made here a list of 10 weird keyboards whose use is only understood by the makers of them. Have a look at their imagination and have fun.

Data Hand Keyboard



If you feel pain while typing with the traditional keyboard, try this keyboard. Well, I am having pain in my brain thinking this one as a keyboard. I doubt how many of you will be brave enough to get hands on this keyboard.

Flexible Keyboard


This is the coolest keyboard in this list. If you think that this keyboard is only for show, I am apologizing to correct you, this one is a totally functional QWERTY keyboard. When you’re done with it, just fold or roll up and store it to use later.

Customizable Keyboard


If you don’t like the QWERTY keyboards and felt that your own set of keys would be the best option, here is a chance for you. This keyboard is a fully customizable one. Place the keys where you want and this DX1 system will set it for you.

Virtual Laser Keyboard


This is a device which will make anything a keyboard. Confused? Actually, this small cellphone shaped device will project a keyboard layout in your preferred area such as your desktop using laser and as you type on the virtual keyboard, it will sense your fingers motion and send data accordingly. I feel that those gesture directed computer as seen in Minority Report is not very far away.

Safe Type Ergonomics Keyboard


They say that this keyboard is very comfortable and smooth but I think this is some kind of a challenge to type using this keyboard.

Maltron 3D Ergonomics Keyboard


It fits the shape of your hands and reduces movement and tension for strain-less typing. However, it may be comfortable but has the looks of those Charles Babbage Computer.

Kinesis Advantage Keyboard


Another freaky design concept Keyboard. The creators spent years perfecting the design and tested it with programmers and medical transcriptionists who use their keyboard a lot more than others.

Goldtouch Adjustable Keyboard


If you ask me, I will say it looks crazy but many hardcore PC users have reported that the split style keyboard which can be tilted to any ideal angle is very much suitable for faster and comfortable typing.

Steampunk keyboard from Germany


This keyboard may well be placed in our article on retro gadgets. Only my grandpa will love the design of this keyboard.


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