Top 10 Reviews of Nikon D90

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Thursday, April 23, 2009

353_25446_d90_34lNikon D90 announced on August27, 2008 as a successor of its previous best-selling model D80 was targeted towards the consumers who are looking for a good professional quality DSLR camera at an affordable price. And today we can say that Nikon has truly succeeded to make the business targeting the ‘prosumer’ customers. You can find a lot of  discussions on this model in this web-world. Without making yet another on the same, we have compiled a list of top 10 reviews which contains everything you need to know about this camera. We have summarized 5 reviews and made our verdict at the end of the list. Take a look.



This site has divided the reviews into 37 pages and has every detail that one should consider before buying a camera. Their discussions are well equipped with pictures. The features of the camera has been clarified in detail using pictures. They have a praise on the viewfinder and its high resolution screen display but they didn’t like the video compatibility features of this camera.



This site also has an extensive review on D90. They have separate sections on design, features, gallery and more. They also compared this model with its competitors and other models of Nikon. At verdict they say that this is model is a good buy for its enhanced features and superior handling not for greatly improved image quality. The image quality is comparable with Canon EOS 450D/XSi which is cheaper that D90.Anyway this model is cheaper if you consider with its features that are only found in the semi-pro models like the D300.



Their review is divided up into sections such as Design, operation, Optics, Exposure, Performance etc. with each section having enough detail. They think that the introduction of the video features is ground breaking but it can not handle motion videos well.


They have a detailed single page review on this camera. They liked the Active D-Lighting and other professional picture control features. They found some important aspects such as options for JPEG optimization or the shooting or custom setting banks missing in this camera. They also have suggestion for lenses such as 18-200 mm VR for this camera.


5. customer Reviews

The customer reviews at Amazon is quite good and have some information that are not found in other sites. E. Kim thinks that LCD screen is good and separate buttons for ISO, white balance, metering, autofocus make it easy to control it. The video of the camera has a rubberbanding effect for the motion videos. The flash synch 1/200 may also be a con for some people.
You can also buy the camera from the link below.

Other Reviews that we liked







After viewing all the pros and cons of the camera we may conclude that this camera is the best choice for the amateur photographers trying to snap a good professional quality picture and that too within their limited budget. Though the professionals who are using Pro models such as Nikon D700 or Canon EOS 5D Mark II or Sony Alpha Series may find this one not upto the mark but they have a price tag more than double compared to this camera.

At the end of the day, this camera is a good buy providing the value for the money if compared to cameras of its class.

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