brief2bThousands of people are physically assaulted everyday for as little as a couple of bucks. With the increasing rate of crimes we should better equip ourselves with some personal safety devices that can help us avoid or escape sudden attack. But what device to choose for self defense where each gadget claims to be guaranteed, quick and easy? The task is not easy as gadget salespeople exaggerate the benefits and capabilities of their systems and products. We have made a list of top 10 self defense gadgets which will be usefully effective when the time comes. Have a look at the list and decide which one suits your personality and ability.

Shotgun FlashLight


This is a very useful Flashlight that can act also as a shotgun. When you are attacked, just keep the flashgun ready.

Stun Gun


It can quickly incapacitate the attacker and thus you get the chance to escape unharmed

Pepper Spray


This is an old and proven way of subduing crime suspects

Electrified No-Contact Jacket


This jacket can send 80,000 Volts when anybody touches you.

Lipstick Knife


You can carry a knife in the disguise of a lipstick

Stunning Ring Pepper Spray


It offers safety, elegance and confidence close at hand. With just a press of a switch, it will spray pepper with high heat rating. This will be most effective as you don’t need time to grab the pepper spray out of your bag.

CellPhone Stun Gun


This has Stun Gun in the disguise of a normal cellphone.

Ninja Key Chain


Using this key-chain, you can puncture whole body of the attacker.

Blast Knuckles


Other than the ordinary stun Guns, it will send electric shocks to the attacker.

Bulletproof Briefcase


This briefcase has bulltetproof cases embedded on it. It can be quite useful when somebody aims you.

Last Word

Merely buying these gadgets won’t be fruitful if you put them in the back of the kitchen drawer or at the glove box of your car. Don’t waste your money if you are going leave them in your home. The devices should be kept in such a place that it is immediately available when needed.
Above all, we should remember that to develop a realistic personal safety strategy, our brain and our body. If you can use them properly, probably you won’t need these gadgets. However, you can always keep one to feel safe while you are alone.