Top 11 Gadgets for This Christmas Under $100

By Soumya Sinha, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I am sure your holiday shopping isn’t over yet, if you are still looking for inexpensive but attractive gifts for your friends and relatives then consult this. And if you have bought everything and looking for some cool gadgets that you can gift to your son or brother or keep for yourself, then here are 10 of them, carefully chosen, keeping in mind your pocket and still serving you with the best of the lot. So let me present to you 10 gadgets that are under $100 but attractive and useful nonetheless.

1. Green Gadget:Motion & Heat Sensor Solar Floodlight


Install this solar powered security light anywhere around your home without the worry of expensive battery replacements or complex wiring.

The Motion & Heat Sensor Solar Floodlight can detect the movement of people up to 30 feet away and automatically turns on. You can adjust the sensitivity of the floodlight to ensure that it distinguishes between the movement of branches and moving people.

The Motion & Heat Sensor Solar Floodlight also has an adjustable darkness level which, when set to the appropriate season, will prevent the light from coming on while it is still bright outside.

Bulb: 15W Quartz Halogen lamp Sensor range: 90º horizontal, up to 30 ft.


$ 99.97

Where to Buy

2. Green Gadget: Rechargeable Cordless Fan w/ Built-in Radio

The 15″ Rechargeable Fan is a 2-speed, portable oscillating fan you can take with you almost anywhere! The Rechargeable Fan comes complete with an AM/FM radio, a rechargeable battery, and plastic casing.

  • Portable rechargeable oscillating fan
  • 2-speed fan (low/high)
  • Built-in AM/ FM Radio

This ultra-portable fan is the perfect companion for your next camping trip, visit to the beach, or even your next road trip!


$ 74.97

Where to Buy

3. Sound Gadget: Ambient Awareness Earphones

What if I offer you an earphone that looks after your health and then lets you listen to the song considering all the safety measures and all!

The Ambient Awareness Earphones from Hammacher Schlemmer rest on the edge of your ear so that they don’t block the canal from ambient sound. Still, they reproduce music at 20Hz to 20,000Hz and surpass health and safety standards by emitting only 80 dBs to the inner ear without reducing sound quality.



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4. Fitness Gadget: adidas adiStar Pro Curve Training Watch

It is the ultimate training partner for you if you love working out alone. You don’t need a human training partner when you have the adiStar training watch as the featherweight gadget features a shadow racer that monitors and displays your performance on previous runs. What does this mean? Well, the workout partner you train with every day is the one who will also give you the most benefit: Yourself.


$ 99.95

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5. Safety Gadget: Bodygard 7-In-1 Emergency Tool

Amidst all these gadgets that look fashionable and gifts you with hundreds of sophistications, you need some safety gadgets to keep yourself safe. And believe me there is one within $100. The Bodygard includes a window-breaker for quick exits during car accidents, a seatbelt cutter, a flashlight, a sonic alarm, a flasher, a tire gauge, and a thermometer. Lastly, the Bodygard glows in the dark and is powered by a button-cell battery.



Where to Buy

6. Cam Gadget: GO-HD Camcorder

The best way to capture top-quality video and photos for under $100 ), the GO-HD camcorder from Aiptek features amazing 720P recording, 1280×720 resolution and H.264 video at 30 frames per second. Moreover, the GO-HD is equipped with 3x optical zoom, auto focus and a 5-megapixel digital camera. Simply put: The GO-HD maximizes every dollar you pay for it.



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7. Cool Gadget: The Ultimate Hoodie is always coming up with devices for the world’s nerdier classes; thankfully, everyone — geek or not — wears hoodies. ScottieVest has put together a cool  “personal area network ” for this tech-friendly garment that is essentially a series of loops and pockets that hide your earphone wires throughout your hoodie, so you can still listen to your iPod while remaining fashionable. The real revolution is in the fabric though, which is strong enough to stave off the cold yet thin enough to make sure your click-wheel responds to your touch.



Where to Buy

8. Time Gadget: Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock

The Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock isn’t an alarm clock reserved for executives, but you may need a business degree to use it. Hell, this thing is so stacked with features that you could set it to your freaking heartbeat. Some of the highlights of the Neverlate include two separate seven-day alarm schedules, each of which can be set to different buzzers or radio presets each day. Plus, another bank of everyday alarm reminders makes for 21 alarms in total, just for you. Oh, and don’t forget the built-in, MP3-player dock and a great nap feature.



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9. Music Player Gadget: Creative Zen V Plus

This small, diminutive player comes in models that feature 2GB of memory all the way to 4GB. It rocks music, photos and videos like every other multimedia player, but also plays FM radio and has a dual-orientation display with line-in recording with a mic. Be warned, though, it’s PC-specific.



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10. Music Player Gadget: SanDisk Sansa Clip (2GB)

The SanDisk Sansa Clip is an incredible value that’s set to edge out the competition with a user-friendly interface, gym-worthy design, and great sound quality. I am using it myself and you can not but fall in love with this little power house, that too priced at such a low range!


$ 54.45

Where to buy

anywhere. You can get Sansa sandisk from any showroom or good product site.

11. Bonus Gadget: Magellan Maestro GPS

If you don’t like reading directions, you’ll love the Magellan Maestro vehicle navigation system! It’s simple to use and ready to guide you to virtually any destination in the 48 contiguous United States. The thin, sophisticated design and attractive, intuitive touch-screen graphics make driving a pleasure. Enter an address or select from 1.5 million pre-programmed points of interest with a few touches of the screen. See your position and route on the 2D or 3D map and let Maestro’s friendly voice guide you turn-by-turn, while you enjoy the drive.

Plus, built-in AAA TourBook® Guide travel information gives you instant access to service details and Diamond ratings from the world’s leading travel expert. Quickly find AAA approved lodgings and restaurants, AAA Roadside Assistance details, and discounts available through the AAA Show Your Card & Save® program.


$ 89.99

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Let us know which one did you buy or if you have any other gadget in mind, we will surely try and include that. Give us your feedback too.


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