Top 25 Valentines Day Gift Below $50

By Soumya Sinha, Gaea News Network
Friday, February 6, 2009

Time’s running out and you’ve still not decided about your Valentine’s Day Gift. Be my guest. Help yourself with my collection which are cheaper in price but perfect for this occasion. Before you proceed let me tell you whatever you may gift your special someone, its important that you keep her likes and dislikes in mind. Listen to his/ her feelings, the Gifts are just secondary.

Top Valentine’s Day Gift For women


1. I LOVE YOU Music Pillow

When she’ll snuggle with this heart-shaped, rose red pillow and plugs in the iPod, she’ll recall those wonderful memories. Of course this would be a warm token of love to overwhelm her.
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2. Regifting on Valentine’s Day

Voila! I bet you Romeo’s could never think of a regift for Valentines Day. With epic flower of life symbol, and the Heart Is Hot web address this piece etched out of recycled glass is an ideal green gift. Wait! don’t miss those heart stories.

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3. Pink Meletta Valentine’s Day MIMOBOT

This piece is just in time to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. These cuddly USB keys in pink are special edition of the Meletta that could impress your sweetie.

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4. Barry White -All Time Greatest Hits

I have seen ladies jitter when you ask them watch this movie. Watch it with your valentine this 14 Feb, 2009.

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5. Regifts Redefined

What a thought? These are cool stuffs sold by women that they received from their ex-lovers. Rush to snatch those high priced diamonds and gold at dirt cheap rates.

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6. Suede ID Bracelet in Light Pink

It’s a cool pick to adorn your fairy princes. Capricious and delicate with heart drawn in fine details makes it a great Valentines day gift.

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7. Sweethearts Diary

How about gifting your lady something to write down about those cherished moments of love? This alluring Sweet Thoughts journal with a chocolate-like cover can hold everything in your darling’s heart.

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8. Juicy Couture Heart Shaped USB Key Charm

This is not one of those usual USB keys. It’s 1 GB designer key shaped in heart seems to be made exclusively for Valentines. But check the price before you buy.

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9. Adjustable Rose Ring in Silver

It’s the new age metallic rose for you earthly-minded fellas. It’s looks more adorable when embellishing your beauty’s finger.

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10. Loop Heart Pendant in Sterling Silver

Delicate three-dimensional design of this silver the heart-shaped pendant has a real appeal. It would look great swirling down your darling cleavage.

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11. Double Heart Pendant in Sterling Silver

That’s a cable chain carrying a pendant of two interwoven sterling silver hearts never to separated. Let your sweetheart realize the essence of your imbued attachment.

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12. Keep The Faith Tee

There couldn’t be a better way to ask her to keep faith on you, in herself and her world. Whenever she’ll wear the Tee it’ll reveal her light and fire.

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13. Gifts That Bloom ~ Aromatherapy Rose Garden

If you are hesitating to go with that most gifted boguet, here’s something different for you to do. Take this simple indoor gardening kit to let her grow flowers of love.

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14. Valentine’s Milk Chocolate Heart & Lips Set

I suppose your gal can’t resist chocolates. So if you have decided to stick to the classic Valentine’s Day gift you can pick these chocolates.

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15. iSnug iPod Case

You can’t let them spoil the iPod. So why not let them carry it in a stylish and elegant cover.
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Top Valentine’s Day Gift For Men

1. Fun-to-Fold Greeting Cards and Love Notes for Valentine’s Day

That’s not one of your customary dull cards, it’s Origami from heart. These are unique personalized cards for your special someone. Use your creative bend to mark and impression. The flirty and funny Origami love notes will help you make it great.

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2. I Love You USB LED Light

Is your boy a nocturnal nerd who loves working till late hours at night. This LED light, shaped in heart would be perfect to remind him of you while he works on his laptop.

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4. valentine hearts car magnets 6-pack

Wonderful way to spread your love through the reflective heart magnet set. These are 3x 3 magnets with six magnets per pack.
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5. Men’s Watch, Pen, Flashlight, Compass Key Chain and Binoculars Gift Set

I’d choose this for it offers so much as so little price $21.97. That a handy kit for your sidekick with so mach accommodate.

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6. Geek Love Poem T-shirt

Is your man a true geek? Then this Valentine let him go crazy with this Tee. It has scribbles that only geeks could decipher.

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7. Lamy Safari Charcoal Fountain Pen

Does your valentine loves to write? So what better gift could you think of except this lovely fountain pen with the finest nib. Wait for him to writes one of those romantic sagas for you.

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8. Solid Milk Chocolate Computer

This one is again for your geeky boy. You’re fed up seeing him working on that bull-headed PC. Why not let him devour a chocolate styled as computer.

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9.Book: Hearts, Cupids, and Red Roses: The Story of the Valentine Symbols

So are you clear why Valentine’s Day is celebrated. With this lovely, informative book let your good boy discover The Story of the Valentine Symbols.

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10.Belkin 15-Inch Messenger Bag

This has Belkin 15-inch Messenger Bag is a relief for your computer nerd. It makes carrying the computer convenient and easy .

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You gotta look for the best pick and let me know if you have better ideas to go with.

December 22, 2010: 9:01 am

super ideas sepcially the chocolate one.

December 19, 2010: 9:41 pm

that good for your website

June 30, 2010: 12:58 am

There is a wonderful ideas. sweetheart diary is the best one.

February 6, 2009: 2:47 pm

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