Top 30 Travel Gadgets

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Monday, April 13, 2009

express_travel_incGadgets are indispensable part of traveling whether you are traveling for business, pleasure or both. Some of them are necessary to help you get out of trouble and some are for entertainment. Here is a list of top 30 travel gadgets which you mustn’t miss when you’re getting out of home.

Franklin 12 Language Speaking translator



If are going to a place where no one understands English, this is the ideal gadget for you. Type in what you want to translate and it will speak out the translated version of the language with its dictonary of 450,000 words.

MacBook Air

This is a perfect companion for the traveling executives. Full size backlit keyboard, built in camera and mic in a thin and light form factor is what they would want.

Water Purifier


If you don’t trust the local water supply, get yourself a water purifier. SteriPEN Traveler water purifier is compact, fast and tested to give good results.

Portable DVD player

The days of travel are the days of entertainment. Make them more enjoyable with a portable DVD player. The Panasonic LS86 would be a good choice.

Solar Powered Backpack


This backpack has solar panels at its back. It can charge your gadgets on the go as long as there is sun. An ideal traveler’s backpack.

Swiss Army Knife

I think I don’t have to explain the usefulness of this device. They have all types of blades, saws, scissors, corkscrew etc. There are various type of them in the market. Make sure that you buy one with as many feature as possible. The Voyager Lite Ruby is our choice because it has some items like LED white light, digital Alarm Clock, Toothpick and many more.

Cell Phone Mini Projector


This gadget is meant for traveling business people. Now you can do the presentation with your mobile phone.

Play Station Portable

Having a playstation while you travel is certainly worth the extra load of luggage.

Stash Card


This is a card which goes into the laptop PC card slot but does not have memory. You can store your valuables inside it and hide it within your laptop card slot.

Digital Camera

They are essentials for taking back some memories of the tour. If you are not a photographer, the point-and-shoots are good enough for taking pictures. Get a camera that has features like image stabilization, face recognition and with at least 8MP Sensor.

$9 MP3 Player


This is a simple and cheap MP3 player which plays music from your SD card. Using a single AAA battery it can play music for 5 hours. This is ideal for traveling as you won’t have to worry about it being stolen.

Video Camera

Capture your travel moments with a camcorder. The Flip Mino is a descent light and sleek camcorder ideal for traveling

Stash Sandals


Hide your valuables within this secret chamber of under your sandals.

Power Adapter

To get all of your gadgets charged the power adapters are the most necessary things. If you’re traveling across Europe, make sure your power adapter has all-in-one plugs and can handle different voltage ratings. The Kensington 33117 meets these requirements.

Joby GorillaPod tripod stand for camera


They are necessary if you are traveling alone. Take this with you to snap your picture yourself to prove that you really went there for traveling.

Comply NR10 Earphones

The full headphones doesn’t cut off the outside noise effectively. This soft memory foam shapes itself to the wearers ears for comfort and top sound quality with superior noise reduction.

Solar Powered Cooling Pith


On the top of this hat there is a solar panel which powers the fan to keep you cool in summer days. When the sun is out, you have to put 2 AA batteries to keep the fan running.

Dual Time Watch

You need to get a watch which can show both the times of your home and your destination so that you don’t have to set and reset your watch after a long journey.

Travel Pillow


Having one of these would surely help if you board long flights.

Kindle E-book Reader

Books are the best companions while traveling. And in this age of modern digital technology, why carry the bulky paper books when you can have this E-book reader from Amazon. With its built in wireless feature it will deliver books on demands in seconds.

Indestructible Travel Wine glass


For those who are addicted to something more than gadgets, these glasses are a perfect companion for them.

GPS Phone

They are essential gadgets to track back your position in case you get lost in a new place. We would advice you to go for Apple iPhone 3G or Blackberry 8830.

Indestructible Travel Cases


This is a waterproof and crashproof case of Pelican Micro Case series. They even have a purge valve to equalize the pressure.

Hammock for charging your electronics


Be prepared for awkwardly placed charging outlets with this hammock. It will provide a good bed for them to lie on while charging their batteries.

Mini Pocket Umbrella

You need to get this ultra compact umbrella that fits into your back pocket. They are especially useful if you’re heading to the unpredictable weather of the UK.

The Million Germ Eliminating Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer.


This will remove 99% of the germs that accumulate on your toothbrush using UV Ray technology. Ideal for the hygiene fanatics.

Wind Up Cell Phone Charger

This green gadget can charge your cellphone when you wind it up using its handle.

Pocket Magnifier


Imagine you are a traveler with a map in the middle of the night. You cant see a thing as there are no lights nearby. This pocket magnifier will help you get out of this situation with its in built LED light and magnifying capability.

Fisher’s Bullet Space Pen

This pen can write at any angles. Great if you need to write on a pad in the wall. It ca write through grease, dirt and in a freezing cold.

Tumi Frequent Traveler 22″ Zippered Expandable Carry On


This is the best thing to safely carry your gadgets and everything you need in a tour.

With that we will wrap up. Have a safe journey.

April 17, 2009: 4:48 am

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ok now i know what to bring…. where should I go travelling, i need help with flights etc!

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