chessChess playing in computer has amused and entertained a lot of budding chess players as they can play it without the need of another partner. Other than serving as your opponent, computers will also let you select your skill level as novice or a grand master or any level in between. Now-a-days they have realistic graphics and options like playing tournament and individually rated games, rating system etc. Gradually you’ll find that your computer is a better opponent than your friends unless your friend is one of the Grand Masters. We have made a list of top 5 chess games for your computer. The list includes :

  1. Chessmaster XI - Grandmaster Edition
  2. GNU Chess 4.15
  3. War Chess
  4. Brain Games Chess
  5. Grandmaster Chess

Chessmaster XI - Grandmaster Edition


This edition expands the scope of chess to include the broader principles of learning. Beginners can use this game to learn the fundamentals of the game and also to take the road to master the game of the kings. Playing this game is the  best way  to develop logical and strategic thinking.

GNU Chess 4.15


This is a free game of chess in which you can get a view of table as you would in reality. If you don’t like it you can always change the view to a more conventional one. Other than the perspective features it has the common difficulty level selection option.

War Chess


Playing the game of chess was not this much visually appealing before. The beautifully rendered 3D fantasy world is like a battlefield with an army of brave knights, kings and queens. You can also choose the battlefield - from ancient temple ruins, to dark forests, to cemeteries.

Brain Games Chess


It has enhanced tutorial and a unique scoring system with multiple scoring levels. Play at any level and get tips to improve your gameplay by the tutorial. The scoring system calculates your score by counting how many hints you ask for, how often you undo your moves etc giving you the most precise picture of your skill level.

Grandmaster Chess


It is a multiplayer game to play over the network. It includes all the essential features that make for a top-notch representative of its game genre. Whether you’d like to become a better tournament player or just learn to hold your own against friends and family, you can make it happen with Grandmaster Chess.