dotpen-proNowadays gadgets aren’t just what it appears to be. Manufacturers are thinking up new ways to represent a gadget in a unique envelop and provide features to make life easier for us. Today we have gathered some top gadgets that look like a simple pen that we use everyday but they unique by their own features. Have a look at these pens.

1. 3-in-1 Gadget Pen

On the outside, the pen looks like a normal one that you can carry around for taking notes. Apart from that, it is a nice flash drive that is stuffed right onto the pen. You can access the pen drive by unscrewing it from the middle. Just plug the USB port to your computer to access the 512MB Memory. There is also a cool laser pointer that makes it more useful if you often need to take presentations. This Brando device can save you from cluttering your pockets.

2. Wireless Spy Camera Pen

This fully functioning normal looking pen has a built-in mini spy camera. Just twist the cap to record and transmit to a receiver placed at 10-20meters distance. The CMOS sensor camera can record 60 angular field of view with automatic white balance and backlight compensation. It has a built-in microphone and Li-Ion battery that can be recharged via a DC charger or a provided solar charger. It will record 882X240 videos at 30 fps and store it to its 64 MB internal memory or 2GB SD/MMC card.

3. LiveScribe Pulse Pen

If you like to take notes on paper but like to organize those notes in your PC, this is the right device for you. It will record what you write on paper and also record what you say while you are wring that. Later you can transfer those data to PC to organize them. If you want to never miss a word again, this is the perfect device. At around $200 you get a pen that’s fitted with a camera, microphone and speaker.

4. IO2 Digital Pen

This pen will display your writings in real-time on a computer. You can connect it to PC wirelessly Via Bluetooth or by using USB cable.

5. Dotpen Pro

You can use this pen as a mouse or a stylus and it will send data wirelessly to your computer in real time. You can also write simple text, detailed sketches and draw anything you want on any type of paper. It is able to send the data to your smartphone also.

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